First look at the Knox Twins!

Well Jared and I went to the doctor yesterday for our 13 week check-up to hear the heartbeat, and right away Kathy the Nurse Practitioner said my abdomen was too big for my due date-Then she thought she found two heartbeats and got really excited and was trying to tell us we could have multiple babies, but I told her not to get me razzed unless she could prove it! She took us to the ultrasound room, and right away you could see two sacks, we are having twins!!

I already thought something wasn't right because my abdomen was too big and I felt overly fat for the end of my first trimester, but now, I don't have to suck it in because these babies are right on with their size and heartbeat rate!! (both babies 146 beats/minute) Baby A is on my right and Baby B is on the left.