This, That, What, Wait, Why?

Oh the joys of having 3 year old twins.  Everyday is something new.  Charlotte's Estrogen is screaming thru her veins now.  She is very protective of everything! (if her brother wants it)  God love her she sleeps like a rock, may take her awhile to get to sleep, but she stays in her bed & finally "gives up the ghost" as we call it at the Knox Casa.  She is an amazing singer already, and I am not saying that bc I am bias, she really can carry a tune & her memorization of song is off the charts.  All in all, Daddy's Girl, but the spitting image of her Mother.  I asked Jared the other night if he could handle 2 Beth's in the house? 

Grayson, Grayson, Grayson.... Where do I start?  He is a superhero around the clock, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, it doesn't matter, he is all in all the time, running, jumping, kicking/punching the air.  He wants what he wants when he wants then goes to time out.  The joys of a Superhero for a son?  He is the most handsome lil boy ever, and his smile will light up a room, but he is NAUGHTY!  His new scheme is coming into our room twice a night for the past two weeks.  Hey Grayson, we didn't sleep for the first 14 months of ur life, can u give it a rest? He is super attentive to our every move, wants to help with everything and loves to sit and color.  Such a sweet Superhero.

 Breana & Charlie
See the frog on her hand
 Dad made them Cartoon Twins
 Playing in the rain
Mosquitos also like to play in the rain, Jared & I were getting eaten alive 
 Hey its Mom, she made it in a picture!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday.
~The Knox Crew~ 


Couples weekend in Bellaire 05/14/2011 Hawks Eye Golf Course

This was the sky when we arrived.  Rain + cold + wind = bad golf 
 This was our sunrise the next morning. Gorgeous and a bit deceiving. Day 2 was 25 mph winds & never got over 45 degrees.
 View from our huge deck which if there had been less wind, I think we could of spent quite a bit of time out there.
 James, Jared, & Justin
 Lulu's Bistro 4 dinner = fabulous.  We celebrated James & Jenny's Anniversary this weekend.  Here's to many, many more years...


Spring has sprung...........

 Mother's Day breakfast with the Berta-Williams Family
 Look @ those faces? Can u say crabby pants?
Just bc he makes me laugh. He throws with so much intensity! 
 And she throws like a girl! Sorry Mom, you used to play softball, show them how to do it! 
 Looking at Poppa's fish from the other side of the pond.
She is telling her Nanni a story of what I can only imagine.
 Cavadas Compound
Timeout anywhere! 
 Good girl not in timeout.
Wal-mart shopping in style.


Giving blood.

So I was able to give blood yesterday for the first time in many, many years, since 98'. 
Which I forgot that feeling I get inside when I do so.  When I picked up the midgets from my parents house after work, Grayson asks me about my stickers & what they were for.  I told him I gave blood today at work. Very perplexed he says-"u bleed today Mommy? Why?"  I tried to explain to him that someday, some person will need that blood & my donation will help them.  My Mom told the kids I was a "good girl" for giving blood. On the ride home he is deep in thought & blurts out, "Mommy, u bleed from your eyes & face today?" OMG, I tried to keep contain my laughter.  I told him it was a small needle in my arm & he interrupted me to make sure I received a band-aid!  They think & say the darnedest things.