My Midgets....

 Lunch date @ Su Casa with Mommy
 The only thing that comes to mind here is -- I love to read!!
 I could eat him up!! Grayson you are one good looking kid!!
PJ time, but we have to wear our new Michigan sweatshirts Mom.  (Charlotte has worn hers everyday since the U of M vs. ND game!  Good job Daddy.


Blueberry Festival Friends....

Nothing but happy here?
Love these kiddos!

First day of Tumble Ballet....

All I know when I left the dance studio, I was laughing hysterically because all the kids were just ready to go!  And when Jared picked them up this is the picture he took.  They are crazy, tired, happy TWINKS!


September 5th - Labor Day 2011

 We didn't do much this Labor Day, we were resting up from a very long weekend, we had a huge yard sale, Jared went to a U of M game with Dad, Jared sang, and we got ready for the kids first day of preschool.  No family get-2-gethers, which is strange, but on Monday, the kids and I were outside playing and this is what I pulled out of the garden.  And the Watermelons were so tasty. 

Just some smiles.............

 Wish I had taken my sunglasses off.
 Look in the background - she is not right!

First Day of Pre-School Sept. 6th, 2011

 So their first day didn't go as I had dreamt of on countless days.....I guess I imagined I would wake up with them, make them a nice breakfast, get them ready, have conversation's about what they would be doing that day.... Nope, not even close.  All of my staff was gone at work so I was the only one there, no way of not going to work that day.  Made Mommy very sad, the whole excursion was pretty much comical at that point.  And to top it off the weather was very chilly.  But alas, the first day was a success and they seemed to have enjoyed their new freedom. 
At one point Gray told me I was only allowed 2 pictures and that I had taken enough. 
 Getting name tags from the TA
 What Mom?
 Squirrely-Bird, but happy.
 The Twinks have to sign in each morning, they trace their names. By the 6th letter, Charlie was all set, but did it on her own. 
Not sure if Miss Ehrenberg has any idea the havoc these 3 can cause?