Three 3 year olds & a sweet lil named Sydney...... 03.18.2011

 Syd-Vicious, first time in her swing
 Showing off his tumbling talents
 3 three yr olds or wild & crazy kids
 What's under the trampoline?
 Love that sweet face
 Lookin @ the airplane overhead thru telescopes
 Happiness is bouncing
we see u Sydney


First fabulously warm day of March, 71 degrees & perfect............ 03.17.2011

These are the most fabulous faces I have ever seen! I asked them if they were having fun, & as u can see...
The sun is too bright to take pics? Never! 
 I was swinging.
 found a cool tree in the back yard when we went to visit our neighbors cows, I thought it would be cool for pics, they were kind of scared, but I think after all it was fun being up high off the ground.
 Show'em Dad's can still have fun & be young too. Look @ G's face.
 Indy are you bored?
Superhero Grayson face, funny every time to me, I get this face breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  The Superhero never goes away. 
On our super long walk today, huge open field, and there is one huge dead tree stump.  
A school bus came zooming by & beeped @ our mini me's.  Charlotte was so excited, she can't wait for school, which they are now enrolled in pre-school @ St. Paul for next year. 
The kiddos are 3 now, super busy, super inquisitive, they want to know everything you are doing and why you are doing it.  We started spelling words around them when they were 18 months, but I feel like they are starting to put together some of our words???  I have been home with them since getting laid off in mid January, but I got the word today that I go back to work MONDAY... I think everyone in our house is happy about this.  I think I am making everyone a little squirrely.  Life is good, things are happening.  The weather is getting warmer by the day which makes all of us so happy.  My children were meant to be raised in the country, they are at their happiest when outside enjoying the sun & fun.  Hoping all of you are healthy & enjoying life. 

All of our best
~The Knox Crew~