Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas 2010 (Grayson, not so much)
And there's my boy! He is a ham!
Saying Cheese!
Nanni and her babies warming their butts.
Dad's newest rag doll! We tried to warn Jacob, but he couldn't get enough abuse!
Howard, BreAna, and John-Boy
Poppa's babies!
The Kings & the kids
Play-doh Central! Sam, Gray, Bre, Charlie
Friends = Trouble
Love these two more than they know!
Gray, Bre, Charlie, & Miss Kendra
Dad, Alexis, & Dustin (the boyfriend, yes she has a BF)
Remote control trucks the kids both got one, and they love to tear the trucks up at home! So fun to watch and they get it, side to side, back and forth.
IPod Touch!
Spiderman Skateboard!!! OMG Santa was listening when Grayson asked for this.
Charlotte's new Baby and Stroller, Santa did such a good job!
This Christmas was amazing.  We were surrounded by people who loved us, we had so much fun, laughed, cried, ate way too much, (Thanks Mom) sang, danced and kept the traditions rolling as well as starting new ones. (Poppa read Twas the night before Christmas.) The Twins had such a great time, they played so hard, they slept great (thanks u Jesus, b/c I prayed they would this year) and were very happy considering they both have been so sick. 

Here is hoping all of your holidays are wonderful, and safe.
Happy New Year everyone.
~The Knox Crew~


First meeting with Santa.......

Santa came to South Haven to see all the kids, he asked them what they wanted for Christmas. Grayson told Santa he wanted a skateboard with Spiderman on it. Charlotte just cried, wanted nothing to do with Ole Saint Nick until she was sitting across the room from him. Then she would shout out randomly, "Santa, I love you!" Grayson was so happy to be with him. I had to pull him away as there were many children waiting their turn. Thanks Santa!


Pics from Daisy...........

2 days before Thanksgiving, my dear, sweet friend Rose came to SH for a visit from San Antonio, Texas.  Jared, the Twinks, & I met JP, Rose & Lily for dinner.  We had a fabulous time, the kids were great, the company was even better.  Sure wish we could do that more often. So crazy to see where life has directed the kids u grew up with.  We caused a lot of trouble in our day.  We went through a lot of TP!!!  I remember sitting at her parents dinner table being the only kid with blonde hair, and Mr. Z would look up, and in his deep, graveling voice, bellowing, "where in the h#@! did you come from?" Love the day we dropped the pot of hot grease from making donuts! We had blisters everywhere!  So awesome that we can still pick up like no time has passed.  Love that girl! We want to go visit them in Texas! And I believe Rose put the invitation out there!

Pictures taken by Jemmer..........


Our beautiful friend Jennifer took these.  We still can't get much cooperation from Grayson when it comes to photos, but we had a great time taking them.  Before he wiped out! I hope you enjoy the photos!
The Knox Crew