11 Weeks ALREADY?!?!?!

Charlotte Rose a.k.a Bubbles
Grayson Phillip a.k.a Froggy
She just wasn't feeling this pose!
I think they are just the cutest!! Big blue eyes, lips & cheeks.
Charlotte & Grayson

Went to their 2 month check up last week Friday and the babies are very healthy. Charlotte weighed in at 11lbs 9oz 22.5 inches long, she was in the 50-75% for her weight & 25-50% for height. Grayson weighed in at 11lbs 7oz and 23 inches long, he was 25-50% for weight & height. Doc is very happy with their progress. They talk, they laugh, smile, love their activity mat and definately know who their mom and dad are! Grayson is such a happy easy going little man-I couldn't ask for a better child. Charlotte is also a very happy, yet demanding little girl, she doesn't like to nap during the day, for she may miss something, but Grayson is like his dad in the Zzzzz's department, this kid can sleep anytime, anywhere. (Thank Goodness!)
Well we hope you all had a fabulous Easter and your doing well.
Kisses from the Knox Family!