Wedding 10-6-07

Jared and I at Jon and Melanie Ruppert's wedding 10/6/07
My theme song that night was "Brickhouse".
I found that dress and it fit by the hair of my husbands chinny chin chin..
We had a great time.
It was so hot that day-but turned out to be a perfect evening.
So I danced at the wedding, quite a bit actually-but there was only
so much I could do with my buddha-A girl gets tired after a while.
Thank goodness for our girlfriends! Jared didn't have much trouble
finding a dancing partner with these two around. Thanks Chicas!


Week 24 Belly Pictures

You wanted to see the buddha-Here you go

Side view of my belly!
So Jared and I measured the circumference of my belly and I am at a whopping 43.5 inches-And as my good friend Bonnie pointed out to me-That is almost 4 ft around. Thanks!!! I am only going to get bigger-Much bigger. As long as the buddha is beautiful I will keep pics posted-I don't want to scare anyone with it! For Halloween I should just paint it like a pumpkin and walk around! Just kidding.... We go back to the doctor on the 11th of this month and get new pictures-YEAH. Will keep you posted. Trip to Louisiana went very well. We are home safe and sound. Jared got to see his family and we also celebrated his Grandma Maggies 88th birthday with a fabulous dinner and lots of family members. We also had dinner with his Grandma Roselyn Knox, and Jared's Dad & Marsha drove in so we could see them as well.. All in all the trip was a great success, Jared's Mom & Popps surprised everyone, they drove down with us-their arrival went over very well!!


Week 24 (sorry forgot this)

We aren't sure but Charlotte may of turned while we were gone, I had a day of PAIN while in Louisiana and most of the day I had a huge bulge on my left side, which in my eyes could of been her little body bent in half. The babies can now be seen with the naked eye, bouncing around my belly-we can't make out what the body parts are yet but you can definately see them. Grayson is my Morning Mover-as soon as I wake up and roll over in bed he is just a going. I think they are either interacting with each other in the womb or they are already fighting, they will answer each others movements back and forth.