Easter 2011 @ The Davis House

Sitting @ church on Easter Sunday

Allie Grace
Graham & Keaton
Brandon & Grace
3 Musketeers
Look @ all those eggs!
The sugar is already racing through her veins...
He really couldn't careless about the chocolate, just look @ my eggs.

Gray & Aunt Fressa

We celebrate Easter with my 4 Sister-in-laws, husbands & kids.  The food was great, the family was even better.  I just love, love, love days like that, this group is pretty laid back anyway, everyone relaxing, enjoying each others company, feeding our souls. 

Feels like just yesterday when we were hiding eggs for all of their kids bc they were so young.  Now their kids are hiding eggs, & taking care of the Twins, they have them outside, playing on the trampoline, running around, & having a great time.  This was such a drastic change from last year for us, Jared & I were chasing the Twins everywhere they went making sure they were out of harms way or eating something, or breaking something.  This year we got to hang out, kid free and talk about the worlds problems, happenings, & upcoming to do's.  I really appreciate all of our nieces & nephews who helped this Easter: Boo, Chan, Morgan, Allie, Keaton, Graham & Justin.  You have all grown up to be such wonderful kids-Love you all!! 

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter.
The Knox Crew


This & that.......

 Grayson & Teddy, his favorite.  Alex picked this Bear out for him when he was a baby, and he takes him everywhere.  He usually dons a Batman T-shirt & Denim Shorts, but not this day.
 My hard working man.  Still in his work clothes busting up wood. Love u baby!
I took this from the couch while the sun was setting one afternoon.  Dad is reading a book, with G on his shoulders & C in his lap being the page turner.  I love this pic.  They are so happy, so comfortable.  Precious.
They are growing up so fast.  My midgets.  I love you so.

A day in the life of 3 year olds....

Everyday is something new & uncharted.  We can go to dinner & have a good time instead of shoving food in our face at a rapid speed. They sit through church with out being crazy.  They fight like kids fight, these 2 love like kids love, & the imaginations they both have are beyond.  Their memories dumbfound me, scientists say that you don't really remember anything before your 5th birthday, which is such a shame.  That's partially why I keep this blog, for Grayson & Charlotte to see when they can't remember back that far. 
Playing Monsters with Nanni, as u can see Charlie's feet are off the ground, getting ready to run... 
 This kid right here, well let me tell you, he can turn on that charm in a heartbeat.  Look out girls, here comes Grayson Phillip.
Time to work out that baseball arm. 
Throwing rocks into the lake. 
 View from the "plate"
We were swinging. 
Attack of Daddy Monster 
Run Sis-A-Fris run. 
Look who is running now.  A Superhero was hot on his tail. 
My 3 favorite guys. 
 Back of Mom & Dad's house.
 and watch them scatter...
Koi out of hibernation 
Fireworks for my 33rd birthday (3/23/78).  Had a party Friday night with Friends, Saturday night with my family, Sunday after church with Jared's family.  I love weekends like that, surrounded by all the people that matter the most! It was freezing outside but we were all on the 2nd story deck looking straight up in the air, Dad got some big boomers.  Neighbors got a great show!


Disney Princess on Ice March 2011

Aunt Bonnie, Snow White (Elena), & Princess Hannah 
Princess Madi 
 The Hi-Ho's (7 Dwarf's) The Twinks call the Dwarfs Hi-Hos b/c of their song, which they love.
 Bella & the Candlestick
Our Princess's @ Intermission 
All of the main characters for the Grand Finale 
 1 down, 3 to go.  Elena gave it up first. Look @ Madi, heavy eyes, ready to snooze.
 She wouldn't give up the ghost..
 4 for 4, they are out! The Princess Party was just too much! Can't wait for their high school graduation parties, these pics are getting blown up...
 Stick a fork in me Mom!
Makes me giggle just remember the ride home, Bonnie, Angie & I laughed so hard at these 4 Lil's!!
Can't forget the host's of the show.  Mickey & Minnie.