Winter Wonderland & our crazy kiddos...

Grayson playing airplane with Mommy, he is getting ready to say "Flyin"
Barney, Grayson, & Cookie. (somebody needs his hair cut)
Note the two huge lumps on their melons, they ran full board into each other at Nanni's.
Brobee, Charlotte & Cookie
Just a look out into the Snow covered world from our garage.
The snow was so heavy and stuck to everything, so I wanted to take some pics for all of our people who aren't here to see it first hand.
Back yard winter wonderland.
Facing the road
Heading to the back of our property


Building Frosty the Snowman (REVISED 03/01/2010)

Nanni, Charlie, Frosty, Gray, Mommy 02/21/2010
1, 2, 3... Heave-ho!!
Jared's first snowman! Grayson is an experienced veteran already compared to his Daddy!
Grayson, Momma, Charlotte. (I never get pics with my kids, LOVE IT!)
Family fun
Daddy & Bubba, cross-country sledding
Poppa with Charlie going down the hill
Grayson rolling while being pulled on the sled?
Poppa pulling Charlotte
Charlie rocking the sled
Grayson cruisin'


Splish Splash, we were takin' a bath......

Charlie Girl
Here is their new favorite thing. Laying in the bath tub so the water is over their ears, and they can still hear me.. The twins think this is very cool.. Grayson is putting on his "say cheese" face. Every time you say to him, "say cheese" this is what you get!! Too funny.

At the Twins 2 year wellness checkup, Dr. Green had only good stuff to say about the kids. They are very healthy and smart! Grayson weighed in at 28.2 lbs. & is 35 3/4 inches tall. Almost 3 feet!! They are in the 75% for babies. He loves to go potty on the big boy potty, he isn't' quite ready to be fully potty trained, he forgets to tell us when he has to go. But we are taking steps forward. Grayson is in love with jumping, bouncing, diving, leaping off of anything, he also loves Elmo dearly, and Yo Gabba Gabba are his Peeps! And lets not forget his Dino Dancin Barney his Aunt Tara got for them, he knows the words and each dance move.. Every night, he takes the cushions off the couch and starts to Jumpy-Jump as he calls it. Vocabulary is still off the charts, for a boy, he keeps up with his sister no problem, he knows his colors, all animals, their noises, articles of clothing, body parts, starting on numbers 1-5, you name it he can say and knows what it is. Two months ago or more, he decided he was no longer going to eat meat, occasionally he will nibble on breakfast links or bacon, but for the most part, he has my taste buds as I was growing up. He loves to dance, and sing, loves to take showers and play in the snow. He still keeps us awake at night, you'd think this kid would get tired and just sleep? Nope not Gray, up 2-4 times a night usually. All around busy little man! And so HANDSOME!!!

Love, love, love.

And for Charlotte. AKA Parakeet, this child will hold a conversation with you, she will repeat anything that she hasn't soaked into her vocabulary already. She is going to be a talk show host at the rate she talks. At her wellness checkup she weighed in at 27.5 lbs and was 35 1/4 inches tall. Again in the 75% for 2 year olds... Charlotte is very into Yo Gabba Gabba, a couple months ago, when the show comes on, she was yelling our their names as they are introduced, and Jared and I looked at each other like............ Uh-oh!! She is a die hard Yo Gabba girl. She takes Foufa to sleep every night, and the twins have Muno Guitars via their Nanni and Poppa! Charlotte is not the most fond of going #2 on the potty, but otherwise, she as well is going forward in the old Potty Training. She loves her books, babies, Gabba anything, dancing, singing, and her beloved Barney. Purple is her favorite color. She loves to go play in snow as well. Charlotte is very into counting, her Daddy has taught her 1-5, which she loves to practice with him nightly. She is a climber as well. She is not fond of time-out and is rarely there, can't say that for her brother!! And her Nanni has her hooked on scarfs.. Thanks Mom, she is creating a fashion Diva!! I can ask Charlotte if she wants her hair done, or to get dressed, and she is all about it!! Look out world!!!
Hoping to get some pictures taken next week! Will get them posted asap.