Kids Korner & DQ. 27 months old.

We went to Kids Korner after work yesterday, it was so busy, almost too busy to keep an eye on our own two! Some of the kids really have no manners or home-training (as my good friend calls it) they just push kids out of the way, and even get on the same piece of equipment they are on just to mess them up. It blew my mind to see a Lil guy, maybe 14 or 15 months, running directly to the street, no mother or father in sight, so I start yelling, and running after him, just before I snatch him up by the back of his shirt, his mother grabs him. He was so little, to get that far away.. I know how hard it is to keep that wild streak of a child out of harms way, Charlotte got her Mommy two weeks ago.. We went downtown, had breakfast just the Twins and I, and she took off in a parking lot as I pulled her brothers shorts back up. I cried it was so close, one more step and she was in the road. Enough about that. After the park we took the kids to Dairy Queen, now mind you, they aren't really that into ice cream. It sounds good and then they taste it, and not so much. But yesterday, Jared and I couldn't of laughed any harder, they were rubbing the cone all over their faces trying to walk and eat. So dang cute! Grayson decided he definitely didn't like the cone. Well, Spring has sprung, we are getting ready to put the siding on the garage, which in turn will free up all that space. So we can move everything out of our "Indoor Garage" as I call my 3rd bedroom. We hope you all are healthy and living life to the fullest.
We love you all and we hope you enjoyed our photos..
~Hugs & Kisses~
The Knox Crew


Easter 04/04/2010

Our last stop on Easter.. We had breakfast, went to Church, then to Nanni & Poppa's, then to Connie & Wayne's house for another egg hunt, with all of their cousins! This included a 5 minute power nap, no lunch, and lots of sugary goodness. By the time we got them home, they were a force to be reckoned with. I made them pizza with a side of Mac-n-chz, thru them in the tub, and I think by that point they were asking to go to bed! What a day, they thouroughly enjoyed Easter Egg hunting and quickly realized what candy is all about.

This is cold hard proof, that Grayson stole every last egg his sister found.

Flowers, Driving, & Our new found love.... Trampoline aka "Trampy"

Picking flowers together
So cute.
Such a smart little man.
Looks like she's gazing out over vast lands.
Grayson, our ballcap wonder. This is the, "why are you in front of my slide Mom" face!
Don't judge us for having balls in the trampoline that we can slip and fall from. We love it! Look at Grayson in a mid bounce kick!
Country girl, eating a taco on the fly!
Grayson cruising around on his 4X4 Aunt Tara bought for him.
Charlie in her Mini Cooper. (thanks Aunt Tara)
Dad in "Trampy" trying to bounce with Gray.
Charlotte was like, "bounce Daddy, bounce" She couldn't wait.
A day in the Sun.
Bounce and bounce and bounce.
Look at that face!
More running in circles. Round and round the perimeter of the trampoline.