We have reminded our children daily about using their manners, and that "magic words" will be a part of their lives forever. People will always appreciate the fact that they are polite and using your manners will never get old.  I taught them as babies to sign the most important words to communicate with us, and using please & thank you were two of the first words they learned. 

Now this is a far cry from what Jared and I thought would ever happen, 2 years ago we never thought we could go to dinner again as a family, (until they were older) and I can honestly say, I really do love going out to dinner with my kids.  They like going out, something new, different people and overall, it is fun.  And one thing that has made me beam with happiness & be very proud is that on several occasions we have been telephoned or told face-2-face about the fact that our children were so well mannered and well behaved. 

I just remember waiting on families in the restaurant and saying those exact words to Parents, "Come back any time and see me, your children were so well mannered and behaved."  I think most parents would agree, you don't always think your doing the best job with your children, but when you hear a compliment like that, you just have to smile.

Thank you for noticing and thank you for acknowledging.


4th of July @ Sunnybrook with the Berta-Williams

Look at Griffin's face in the background!!! Can you say having a blast?
And she's off!
Counting it down... 3, 2, 1
(I think I am gonna start calling Charlie  *Cheeks* look at that lil booty!!)
Not so much, Griffin went in on 1, Grayson, started on 2, then Charlotte on 3.
This is the final product of another countdown by me in the water facing the kids.. Griffin is already in, and you can see the progression.  All in all everyone got along great, played & played till it was time to go..  I love the happiness on all of their faces.  Just can't get enough of it.  I think times like these really make my heart want to live somewhere south where the weather is warm most of the year..

The Knox Family goes camping...

 The start of our adventure, the Twinks first time back in the water since last year.  Grayson wasn't ready to go in with out his vest just yet, but has since left the life vest at home.  The kids swam & swam & swam, jumping into the deep end & swimming from one end to the other, or side to side.  Jared says Charlotte looks like a syncronized swimmer.. She is so graceful!
 Sam & Charlie
 Tammy Cakes & Charlie
 Love this picture
 Donovan Lake before breakfast
She loves her Daddy.. Cutest picture..

So we went camping with the King Family for the 4th of July.  First time I have camped with Jared & the Twinks first time camping.  Overall I think everyone had a great time, the weather was perfect, the company was awesome & the food was fantastic.  I haven't camped in way too long so this was really nice for me, made me realize how much I miss camping.  Hopefully we can take many more trips!! Hope you all had a great Independence Day & weekend.

The Knox Crew



Harborfest 2011,  the family all got ballooned.. Jared wore that hat the whole time.  Good job Dad! Charlotte got Mickey Mouse ears and was not excited to be wearing them in 2 whole minutes and Grayson got a balloon belt with a sword which all popped rather quickly.  
 Harborfest 2011 
 He saw the Spiderman Mask and the rest is history.

She refuses to get face painted! Won't do it.