7 Weeks and growing......

I got on the scale today with Charlotte and she weighs at least 10lbs! Still has big blue eyes and lots of rolls! She is our little aggressive girl-she will tell you what is on her mind! We had a rollercoaster ride with her the past couple weeks, Jared called it "The Witching Hour" she would scream for a couple of minutes, coo for the next few minutes and this would go on and on, until we started to put her in the bath tub! The past two nights, no witching hour! Thank goodness.
She definately has a big personality! Her and her brother are so much alike, yet so very different-Polar opposites!
Mr. Grayson is also at least 10 lbs (our scale doesn't weigh in ounces). He is very laid back, and loves to love ya! He will pretty much lay around anywhere you put him. He loves to look out our windows into the ravine! He loves music as does his sister. He also will tell you what he wants, but in a much different manner than his sister. Huge personality, just cute as could be! He will talk, talk, talk to you and he loves his hands! I think he has his own magic show somedays (all in his head)


Happy Valentine's Day

They are so calm looking here, it had been a very long day for our family-the children were restless all day thank goodness for help... My parents came over with dinner, and then Jared and I took a nap. Surprisingly, they slept like angels that night!
I think he is sleepy!

Grandpa & grandson!
The big & the little.....


The latest and greatest...

Charlotte waking up from a nap on 1/31/08-they always look so happy when they sleep!
Grayson at bath time on 2/2/08 he is like a wise old manhe just takes everything in and then lets you know how he feels about it.
Charlotte is the opposite, she talks now and thinks about it later! I wonder where she gets that?

Little man trying to wake from a nap on 1/31/08

Charlotte and Grayson in their Ducky PJ's
My Parents grandchildren-BreAna & Grayson, Alexis & Charlotte
Charlotte and Grayson went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Finch last week

Hello all, hope your enjoying our fabulous winter weather! In times like these I wonder why we all don't migrate south for the winter! Anywho, just wanted to update you all with some new pictures and new baby news. At the Twins 2 week check up (almost two weeks ago) they were free of Jaundice even though their eyes still look alittle yellow, and Grayson weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long, and Charlotte was 7 lbs 1oz and also is 19 1/4 inches long. The Pediatrician was very happy with how "content" the babies were, and says they are doing great.
The twins are very much different but very much alike, Grayson is the most loveable and sweetest baby, he loves to relax and love on you, where as his sister "Miss Priss" (her father gave her that name) is very much in need of full time attention, if she isn't sleeping, she wants to be on you, otherwise she is not happy-Lord help us-Please...
Jared and I are have quite the routine down at night time, whether the babies want to stick with it or not. We have had lots of help from our family and friends, and we appreciate every bit of it!! We probably wouldn't be sane if we didn't have the support. Well here are some new photos, we hope you enjoy them. I was going to do announcements, maybe I will get to that in the next couple of weeks, right?

Hugs and Kisses from our family to yours...