Harborfest 2010~The first time Charlie & Gray get to see their Daddy sing on stage

Notice her feet are off the ground?
National Anthem with Color Guard
Running with my buddies.
This is one of my favorites. Grayson is having a "that's my Daddy" moment!
Dancin' Machine


Memorial Day 2010

First time I took the kids to the beach by myself. 
They were so good, they played so well and they loved all the other kids
to play with.
Princess Charlie-She loves the water!
Grayson, so meticulous, he kept looking for his toys
as not to let them float away.
Daddy and Charlie~We worked our butts off this weekend.
Indoor garage is cleaned out!! Whoot Whoot! So happy about that.
Next step for our 3rd bedroom is to put up the Big Kid Beds!
Nannie & Grayson going for an after dinner stroll.
Charlotte & Poppa in close persuit.
Swinging aka drying off for the ride home.
Not sure what she is doing here.
Didn't even know the world was watching them.