Bathtime babies

Brushing his choppers? Upside down!
No toothbrush needed Mom, I'll just eat the whole tube!

Splish Splash Charlotte was takin' a bath!
So after the Twins bath, I pulled all the linens out of their bed. Nothings better than going to bed on clean sheets right? She pulled everything out of each crib into the middle of their bedroom and was just having a hay day with it?
I will not let you take my picture! That is what Grayson's thinking.
Charlie Girl, I got my snoring elephant, and I'm off!
Gray-Man Outside?
So our kids love the taste of Baby Magic Lotion, like you can't tell from this picture right? Charlotte sounds like a 5 alarm fire siren if you take it away from her. She would drink the lotion until she got sick if we'd let her! Hope you enjoy our new photos.. Kisses to all..
The Knox Crew


Think Spring & Moving? ( Started on 4.9.09 finished 4.10.09)

So life back at the ranch has been crazy. The Twins are so smart, they are absorbing like little sponges.. The other night Grayson was pointing to the front door and saying do-dog and I asked him, "Grayson, what does a dog say?" I swear, he said bow-wow! I went, but haven't we been teaching your Ruff-Ruff, or Arf-arf? Anyway, the kids love to make animal noises, Tigers, Lions, Monkeys, & dogs. They will have MAJOR tug-o-war fights with a blanket, to the point where Grayson lays on top of the blanket and holds it so Charlotte can't take it from him. Too funny. Charlotte is a little Linus off Charlie Brown, she loves her blankies!

Wednesdays are my day off from the plant, so it is the only day that I get to have "routine" with my children.. After breakfast and a fight with Grape Jelly, we went straight to the bath tub.. They played & splashed to their hearts content.. So I knew it was poopie time so I got them out of the tub and into their room, I was putting lotion on Charlotte, and just putting her diaper on, and I looked at Grayson in his closet, he was standing up going #1 & #2 simultaneously. NOTE TO SELF: Wait for baths till the morning poopie has come and left. I'll be darned if the only thing on the floor to grab and "catch" with was a white chanel blanket!! But you know what, Grayson was kinda proud that he didn't have a diaper on!

On another note, my last day at the plant looks to be 4.30.09, which I am excited to not work 6/12's, but sad to leave. I love that place and wish it was easier to get a job and not be temporary. But I am getting laid off just in time for my thyroid surgery on May 4th, so all seems to be in line for us..

We put another bid on yet another house yesterday (4.8.09). Can I say this? I hate house hunting! The next time, we are building!! (REVISION 4.10.09) Our bid was accepted!!!! So we now will be moving! Closing is May 14th I believe!! All inspections are to be done by Thursday of next week! Cross your fingers that inspections go well, and we keep this ball rolling.. Will keep you all posted on the house situation... Paint and hardware will be our friends, and new flooring as the entire house is lined with a thick emeraldish/tealish green carpet, 3 brm. 2 bth, 2 acres, property line is trees so we could barely see the road when we looked at it, imagine the trees in a few months!! CR 380 by Jericho Corners.. Will post more pics of kiddos tomorrow as I left the disc at home!


Hello baby!

Toy box rodeo riders... They will move the box away from the couch, into the middle of the living room floor now, mobile climbing wall?
Monkies, all they do is scale objects. They size it up and then, ready, set, climb!
So happy together?

Or maybe not so much?

Look at that face!

I took Grayson back to the doctor's office yesterday, Dr. Green was a little worried at how rapid his head was growing, but when she measured him yesterday, it tapered off, and they are very happy with his progress... He weighed in at 25lbs. 3 oz. and was 30.5 inches long. He is in the 65% for weight & 75% for height, & 97% for head circumfrance. Doctor said he is one healthy little/big boy. He just talked to her, and helped her with checking his vitals. While his sister sat next to him and played like she was shy, and peek-a-booed the whole time.
This kid......... He knows when he is naughty, if you get the "tone" with Grayson, he will throw down what ever he has, that he shouldn't, and slap his own hand and say NO. But with a smile on his face! He took his Grandma for a ride yesterday. We went to the store yesterday, and everything she gave him, he chucked out of the cart. But she won't listen to me, I kept telling her, "Mom, it's a game" He just laughs!
Charlies hair is long enough now that I can do Pigtails,
not just mini-pigtails on top of her head!

Charlotte had a hair tie in, and some how by the time I got home from work,
she had it almost pulled out, notice the wild piece above her right eye?

-Look at that hair-
This is when Daddy feeds them dinner and wipes the food out of his hair!
Wild man....