Had my first confrontation with BRAXTON HICKS this morning. Sitting at work and felt like my Buddha was in a vise! This started at 6:30AM and is still going! My poor children are getting squeezed... Doctor said go home and lay down, did anyone else go home and lay down? I didn't, but I didn't work a 13 hour day either, I went home earlier than normal.

We are leaving for Louisiana tomorrow, 13 hour drive with stops every 1.5 - 2 hours per doctors orders, so cross your fingers the trip goes smoothly. I will post pictures when we get home next week.


Week 22

Went to the doctor this morning, my belly is measuring at 31 weeks, one month ago I was at 25. Kathy our Practitioner said I look great and to keep doing what I am doing. I have gained 12.6 pounds to date, my blood pressure is 104/60 and all is well. The doctor looked at all our ultrasounds from week 20 and the twins measurements. Both babies are looking wonderful in accordance with due date weight, length, organs, and their spines. Heart rates were still very consistent Grayson was beating between 138-150 beats/min and Charlotte was 130-143 beats/min.

So Jared was able to feel both babies moving last night for the 1st time, pretty much at the same time, they are very active babies, and it seems like I am at work or he is at work when I have the most movement. This morning when we were getting up to go to our doctor's appt, I grabbed his hand and put it on my stomach above Grayson, and WHAM-he totally HI-Fived Jared. Way tooooo cool... The Practitioner said from our Ultrasounds that Charlottes placenta is in the back and Graysons is in the front, that is why I feel her Kung-Fu fighting all the time, Grayson is way more mellow like his Father! My Mom said that my children would come back ten fold to be like me! Let's see if she is right-Poor Jared, if Charlotte is like her Mother...


The best of both worlds!

So we went to get the BIG ultrasound to find out what these babies of ours are and both babies were in the tuck position! Not happy. Our Ultrasound lady Lori kept going with her other business of measurements and sizes of the twins. She finally came across a shot of "between the legs on baby A-and we have a GIRL, in the breech position, heart rate was 136. Then she had me use the restroom b/c my bladder was getting in the way, and we got a clear-VERY CLEAR picture of baby B-and we have a BOY! He is in the down position, and heart rate is 143.

Lori said both babies are weighing in at 11 ounces and look wonderfully healthy. They were moving around and what a sight to see. Extraordinarily breathtaking is my only words for today's experience... She tried a 3-D just b/c there is room in the sacs to actually see them, but they looked like little Jack-o-lantern faces. We have a slim to none chance of getting 3-d ultrasound pics b/c there is 2 babies.