The lazy days of Fall...

Charlotte wanted to ride the Bob the Builder ride outside of the grocery store.  "Only if your good honey" is what I always tell her and of course she gets to ride.  She was the most intense of the Twins when she was little, but has completely mellowed, just like her Daddy.
Now Grayson on the other hand, doesn't always listen with his ears. He listens with his mouth. I am sure you Mommas know what I mean by that. He is very strong willed and discipline is not his strong suit. But we will continue to challenge him! I am hoping my Mom was wrong when she said "when you have kids, you get back ten fold what you did to us." Dios Mio!
 The kids love to feed Indy, and they know he likes to fetch sticks, anything that resembles a ball, & Frisbee.  So today's choice of play toy was sticks, then it turned into a competition (of course) who could bring him a bigger stick? Indy had a great selection to choose from.
 And now Charlotte wants to play Frisbee, but he still very much in 2 his stick.
Trampoline time 
Tractor Ride? We did the gamut today, anything & everything outside even a long walk with the stroller, they don't get to use it very often, so we bundled them up & away we went.   
 Clifford the Big Red Dog
 Silly Gooses
They look so much a like here.  Who do you see? Jared or Beth? 
Saturday = College football at our house. 
Go Blue for Gray & Geaux Tigers for Charlie. 



 Allegan County Fair 2010
 Favorite friend Elena Cavadas
 Handsome man!
 Cold fall sky.....
Playing in the leaves with Daddy!

Louisiana trip 2010 part 2

Daddy's singing!! Whoot whoot!
Jared & Aunt Sandy
Mr. Crum in the background
Cousins Garrett & Connor
Mom & Dad getting their groove on!!
Lo-Lo's first time singing in front of people, and she ROCKED IT BABY!!
Her proud parents!! Homer & Wendy
Connor & Logan