Living the life.........

So, it has been one heck of a year for us! These two Angels we have get busier and busier and are such daredevils, Jared has lost even more hair and I should have gray hair by now! I think it is safe to say that we have 2 full fledged Monkeys for children. My Mom said I was a serious climber and now I know how she must have felt. We have rearranged over and over to accommodate and try to eliminate injuries, but kids will be kids. The toy box, is down to just the box, no shelves, b/c Grayson climbs up and in a shelf that is 9 inches tall, maybe. Which then sets the standard for his dynamic duo other half, Charlotte will do anything her bro does! But she isn't rough and tough so when she falls, HOLY MOLY do we hear it!

Charlotte & Grayson love to eat! LOVE it. They love V-8 Fusion veggie/fruit juice, banana's are Grays fruit of choice, grapes for Charlie. All in all, whatever crosses their trays, goes in the belly.... And can we get a Hallelujah!!! Our kids are sleeping through the night! Finally, we have prayed for this for months. Grayson has so many teeth now, I can't even tell you all when you stick your finger in his mouth to count the new ones, he bites really hard, ask Charlotte! Charlie-girl has more teeth as well, not as many as her brother though, and isn't a biter. The Twins love to PLAY, they will just sit with each other and have a blast, I wish I could understand their language they share together. Speaking of language, Charlotte is really into being read to and talking, Dad, dog, shoe, button (belly) which she is obsessed with every one's belly's so beware if she's in your presence. Grayson is really into turning the pages of the books but could care less about sitting still long enough to read a whole one. He sings, all the time, and tries to say words as well, Dad, dog, hot dog, night-night.

Well I hope everyone has been enjoying the extra hours of light we are having and hopefully we will get some warm temperatures soon. I have been working like a crazy woman, the Rental Properties are all full, I start 6/12's Monday at Palisades, and have had a couple of events at the event center. WOW! I hate not seeing the babies until dinner time, but I know it is only temporary and will help out in the end. Jared and I are (cross your fingers) going to put a bid in on a house Friday or Saturday, it is down to the bare bones, and needs a lot of work, but was a foreclosure and is on 2+ Acres for 20K, so we are super duper excited! Will keep you posted.

The Knox Crew