WEEK 36. The final countdown

Happy Holidays to all-Hope all of you have a fabulous kick off to your New Year. Wanted to update you on the Twin Status...
Well Jared and I went to the hospital last night to see if it was really time to have these babies. But they sent me home. I was contracting every ten minutes for 2 hours but no dilation! Charlotte is still in position, but my cervix is now behind her, which I might add was very painful.. So delivery is just around the corner for us! We did get to see that both babies are head down so surgery as of right now is not in my immediate future! YEAH!!! Will keep you all posted, we have an appointment on Monday, Group B Strep, Ultrasound, Exam, and Non-stress test-if we don't have babies by then! Kisses.


Week 34-Momma's gettin' restless!

Well hello all-just a quick update for you. Went to the doc's last Monday, had gained 4.5 lbs in a week, and measured 43 weeks along. Babies heartbeats were great and we thought Grayson flipped back to the head down position.. But we weren't sure (no ultrasound) Went to the doc's office again today 12.17.07 and gained 2 oz. (isn't that crazy-I just knew they would tell me I gained another 5 lbs) I am dilated to a fingertip or 1 cm whichever you prefer-and that little Charlotte is sitting on top of my cervix locked in position ready to see the world. As far as the doctor could feel through my belly Grayson is head down!! Yeah (f0r now anyway) both babies heartbeats were between 128-142 just like always, my blood pressure is still just as consistent-112/64 and all is well in the Knox womb. Doctor said if we could make it 10 more days he would be very happy! That in turn makes us happy. Will find out more next Monday, Christmas Eve and will keep you updated. We hope you all have a safe and joyous Holiday Season. We love you all..


Week 33, nursery, and new baby pics.

Here is one picture of the nursery-with the lighting and the flash, the pictures were either too yellow or too dark, but you get the gist. Rainforest theme, the wood carved giraffe in
the background is the "Keeper" of the nursery.
Here are out other children-AKA "Momma's Boys"Indy on the left and Silvio on the right.
They love the nursery, always sniffing around to see if there is anything new in there-I can't wait to see how they react to these babies, they are already
so inquisitive. But one thing is for sure, they are always very close to their Momma's sideHere is a shot of Charlotte, we got this picture and then Grayson's foot just kept kicking her in the face. Yes that's right, the face, Grayson has flipped on us and is in the breech position. We couldn't get a good shot of her after this. Charlotte is weighing in at 4 lbs. 5 oz, and her brother the acrobat is weighing in at 4 lbs. 7 oz. Both of their heartbeats were still strong, and you could see in the ultrasound video all of Graysons hair. Both Jared and I were bald babies so it will be interesting to see who looks like who-I still go with my dreams, a blonde and a brunette. You can see his foot in her face here, shortly after this shot, he kicked her so hard her little head rolled to the side twice, and then in a very dramatic movement she rolled over, she had clearly had enough of his abuse! Our poor child probably has bruises already!
If you look closely-Grayson seems to be scratching his behind here. You can see his little butt crack and his index finger! Nurses kept coming in our room to see this picture, because they had heard about the "Butt Scratcher" interesting day at the doctor's office.. We aren't sure if we are going to schedule a C-section or wait and see what happens. They still have plenty of fluid in there and he may flip back, but the doc didn't seem to optimistic-I will be 36 weeks the day before Jared's birthday, December 20th and am hoping I can deliver soon after that. The latest doc will let me carry these two is January 17th-Ouch.. Will keep you posted as we go once a week now to the doc's office. Keep us in your prayers please. Love!