Poor Poor Charlie

I updated my Facebook last night with a post about Charlotte.... Her face resembles the Beast from Beauty & the Beast.  She slipped in the tub on Tuesday night and cracked her nose, instant bloody nose.  Wednesday night she tried to take out the door with her forehead and eyebrow bone, and on Thursday night a mosquito tried to eat her alive.  Poor kiddo had a rough day yesterday.  Made a emergency visit to the Peds office (she's 30 lbs) as her eye was swollen shut when she woke up, and after it started to open up the swelling went across her nose and her other eye.  Grocery shopping at Walmart was interesting, people definitely were staring at our Beloved Charlie!! As Jared said with a giggle, "She doesn't even look like her normal self."  I will ask her if her eye hurts, and all of sudden, she gets her Academy Award winning voice and face on... "Mommy I hurt!" Gotta love it-this child lays it on thick folks!
07/10/2010 when she woke up
07/10/2010 at least she is happy!


Blue Moon

First time trying Blue Moon ice cream @ Captain Nemo's.  She liked it!!
Grayson liked Blue Moon for about 6 bites and then he just wanted to run!
Neither of the Twins were really fond of ice cream or Popsicles until a few months ago so I figured "Like Mother, Like Children" bc I was a fanatical Blue Moon ice cream eater.  Jared tried a bite of it last night and shook all over... Not his favorite flavor?

Summer has been flying by.  If we aren't busy doing this, we will be doing that, we all know how that goes!  The kids started attending day care twice a week, they seem to enjoy all of their new found friends.  And they are very excited as there Best Buddy ever goes there too, Elena Cavadas.  The kids will go to bed at night or wake up in the morning asking if they will see her that day.  I love it-they crack me up with their bond! Too sweet!  The facility is attended by a lot of kids who's parents I grew up with or we are friends with to this day, kinda cool to see how we have turned out!!

Grayson recently decided to be a fish, he can swim from the stairs of the shallow end of the pool to the deep end, by himself!  He jumps off the diving board and the side of the pool.  NO FEAR! Charlotte is getting braver, but water still intimidates her, the bigger the body the more fear she has.  She jumps in without help and will doggy paddle to you but sticks close by!  We have been plagued with E coli here in South Haven at our beaches this summer due to serious amounts of rain so we have only made a handful of visits thus far, and when we do, they thoroughly enjoy the sand and the surf.

Charlotte and Grayson love to sing, and sing, and sing.... Their songbook consists of Twinkle Twinkle, Barney, Happy Birthday, Frosty the Snowman, The Beach Boys-Bobaran, and many more.  Both are potty training but not quite ready for the big kid underwears, Grayson loves to go on the potty, Charlie on the other had will not go #2 and tells you she won't.  Frustrating to say the least but we will continue... The Twinkies are healthy, mosquito bite ridden, bruised knee wearing, active 2 1/2 year olds.  They are so good, so smart and love to love! They make us laugh, go a little crazy some days, and cry others, but we are so blessed to have them in our lives, as well as our families supporting us and our friends who are out of this world.  We love you all so much and hope these latest pictures and updates find you in great health and high spirits..  Hope you all are having a great summer so far.
The Knox Crew


3rd Annual July 4th parade!

This year was a little different than the last two! None of the usual suspects were @ the parade due to the change in time of 3pm.  We missed you all lots. Daddy wasn't there either as he drove the street sweeper for the city! Hottest day of the year, thermostat said 104, but we stuck through it just the 3 of us and had a blast.  The kids loved, loved, loved the parade and Jemmer came down to visit them and brought ice cream!!
You can see these two were happy, and having a blast!
Little Miss Charlotte
eating fruit and keeping hydrated with gatorade
Very loud?
This pic makes them look so short!!