1st tooth

So Grayson hasn't been sleeping the best since Sunday, 6 months old day, he has been kind of whiny but nothing to crazy, we figured he was teething, well, he was cutting 2 teeth, his to bottom fronts, yeah!!!! We are so excited, Charlotte must be getting ready to do the same thing, because she has been rather whiny as well. Will keep you all posted..


Happy 4th of July, 6 months old!

So we went downtown for the parade this year.......
There really was a parade going on 5 feet in front of them.
I guess all the commotion before the parade was just too much.

Family portrait, AWE!!! Seriously, I wonder what they are thinking about.

Happy 4th, 2008
Happy babies
Grayson and Mommy at Grandma & Grandpa's new house, we
lost power on the 2nd of July, and it was to be out till the 5th so
we moved into their house.
I think this speaks for itself, Charlotte jumping in her jump-a-roo
both babies are too funny in this thing, I remember the 1st time we put them in it,
compared to now, holy cow, I can't believe that thing holds up to the abuse.
Our 1st day swimming, went to Aunt Shirley's pool and the twins
were instant swimmers, kicking and flailing about, so much fun.

Just cheeks, that's all I can say. Jared and I were grilling out on the deck
and the kids were hanging out with us.
Just another day at home, with lots of personality.