5 months old & a Snapping Turtle!

So along with the rest of our wildlife, Silvio found this Momma Snapper, she was getting ready to lay her eggs in our yard. At least Jared didn't find this one! She later walked over towards the ravine to lay her babies. Smart turtle, Silvio probably would of dug them up.
Just another happy moment for the kiddies. They are getting so big, their personalities are out of this world. This past week the latest way of communication is to growl, they will growl to each other, and their father also gets involved in the mix. Very funny to listen to and watch..
Oh how I love my ducky. Grayson is very intune with his feet-if he is unable to reach with his hands, he will grab anything with his toes or he presses his feet together and brings objects to his hands or mouth. He is very determined when he sets his sights on toys. Jared and I play with the twins daily on the floor trying to get their chunky butts to roll over, and yesterday, Jared put Grayson on his tummy and he rolls to his back.. YEAH!They love to hang out with each other. Most of the time. Charlotte likes to steal Graysons toys from him, she doesn't like to work hard for anything, she gets very frustrated very quickly, and Grayson will try and try and try till he gets what he wants. Oh what the future holds for us..

She was coming to get me, Charlotte loves to push with her feet, she will be a full time scooter before we know it. Can't wait!
Just happy, healthy and cute as can be.