Hello Spring

Daddy's cutest Tiger fan #1, and Grayson knows it!
Cutest Tiger fan #2, she doesn't know it yet like Grayson does..
This pic is an exact of me when I was this age, I just had more hair. Charlotte is definitely an independent child, she wants it her way, right away. I got on the scale with them last week and she was about 16 pounds. It is so amazing at how much personality she has, she talks, then it escalates to this singing/shrilling and she makes her self laugh when she does it. She is very much into being spoken to, entertained I should say. She can sit up in her highchair, and her bumbo no problem. Charlotte is still very much a rollie-pollie, she definitely isn't missing any meals these days! Can't wait till she learns what self soothing is?? Pray for this please, b/c this child hasn't the faintest idea how to soothe at all. And to top it all off, both babies are starting to get their choppers in (teeth), when we started calling her bubbles as an infant I had no idea how true the nickname would be. DROOL should be her middle name.... Doctors appt 5-15-08 for their 4 month shots and stuff. Can't wait.
Grayson, looks like his daddy, hair color but his face isn't as long as Jared's was when he was a baby. He is such a wonderful little man, my "cake" baby. He is the polar opposite of his sister still. He will hang out and just watch as we scramble to appease his twin sister. He weighed about 17 pounds last week and I measured him yesterday and I came up with about 26 inches long. He is so lengthy, but still has kankles (fatty ankles) he is rather rollie-pollie too. He is going to roll over any day, he tries and tries, gets half way and flops back over. He loves to sit up, anyway, anywhere he pulls up neck first trying to sit up all by hisself, I tell him soon buddy, don't rush it. Grayson is the most smiling, happy, lover ever. He loves to show you how much he loves you, gums all day just smiles, smiles, smiles. He likes to laugh as well, his daddy will tell him a story and this kid just cuts up laughing, you can't help but laugh yourself too! Thank the Lord he is so passive, I don't know what we would do with 2 Charlottes!!!!
I had this picture printed in Sepia and it is so cute, but they are cute anyway. They look like their cheeks are too heavy for their heads.. Well, I can tell you, taking twins to a photo shoot was a serious workout, I told the poor girl, look, we have to finish before I have a melt down, the kids were great, Mom was a little overwhelmed!!! But it was all worth it. Hope you enjoy the new photos. Will keep you posted. All our love***The Knox Family***


13 Weeks and Cute as ever!! (If I do say so myself)

They are getting so big, they sit up and watch the world go by, they are interested in everything that has color and sound. They love their activity pad, kicking and punching all their mobile animals.. Where did the time go.

Bath time last night, I don't have any pictures with my kids really, since I am always behind the cameras! Yesterday was my first day back to work! I missed them, but it was such a relief to use my brain for something besides babies!!

First time in their stroller, they were sleeping the entire ride! Fresh air did us all some good! Can't wait to do it everyday!
They actually really like sitting in their Bumbo's, and we don't have to cheat, they aren't laying in them or propped up, they hang out all by theirselves.