Sunrise on my way to work today 08/26/11
To perfect to not share.
I love the fog resting on the blueberry field.
Happy Friday Beautiful People!

just another day at the pool....

 So when you get out of work at 5pm and its 92 degrees outside, there's only one choice! Go to the pool and cool off.  Grayson is trying to get on his skateboard. Accident waiting to happen but those water boards got so much use this summer!!
 bombs away... I love the fact that they are both smiling while flying thru the air.


Rumsey/Priebe Wedding 8.20.2011

Sometimes when you go to a wedding, you realize why you got married in the first place.  Some days I think we all lose sight of that love, that feeling, that romance, that passion and when you see another couple in the depths of all of those emotions-love puts you back in check. 

I have always loved weddings but this one was special.  There was a lot of love in that room, a tremendous amount of support from two beautiful families and one heck of a group of friends.  May their love continue to grow and become bigger than they ever imagined. 
~Congrats Jill & Aaron~


Friday @ the beach....... Then the pool then Smores & Sparklers.........

Last Friday was my first Friday off so the kids and I went to the beach after breakfast. The water was FREEZING!!! Like painful cold.  But they had a great time as you can see.  After the beach we went home, both got baths due to the amount of sand in their hair and on their bodies.  After nap time we went to the pool and played for a few hours, it was a fabulous day!  After the pool we went and got groceries then came home and prepared for the Knox Kids & Friends Smores & Sparklers extravaganza..  The kids were up late, but they had an absolute blast, can't wait to do it all again!  Thanks Canning and Berta-Williams Families for joining us!! And Uncle Jeff for the super long sparklers, the kids loved them.

Singing at Sunnybrook....

 The Fab Four
Friends for a very long time, all managed at Clem's, now all of our kids hang out. Funny how life just keeps revolving isn't it.  Love them all.
 KCB as I called her in high school (she's every woman), BIZ as Angie nicknamed me & Slamgie
 my girl Bonnie, I told her we were Hot Momma's she said yea, sweaty, sticky, hot.
Bonnie & K.C.
Jason, Tom, Me, & Dianne 
 Hot Country Singer Guy, I think he said his name was Jared?
After Party with the cute singer guy..

Jared played at Sunnybrook Resort for Aunt Beth in July, he played on the beach, it was seriously 95 degrees but we had a blast, laughed, danced, & cried we laughed so hard. Love you guys OOXXOOXX.


A look into my heart and soul....

I have a wonderful friend who has put lists of wonderful tid-bits of her life on her blog.  And every time I read them, she makes me smile, has made me cry, and makes me feel close to her even though she is pretty far away!  So I have been thinking of my list for a couple of months now, completely random thoughts and facts. 

1. I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADD/ADHD, this is very tough for me and I have to work on this daily.  But I am doing this for Myself, Jared, Charlotte & Grayson, I want us to have beautiful memories, and my children deserve a healthy Mommy and Jared deserves a not so crazy wife. 

2. I want to move down south. I ask my husband every month...

3. I really hate politics.

4. I have the best group of girlfriends a girl could ever ask for. They are my band of sisters and Aunt's to my children.  I am so grateful for their love and their families. 

5. My Mom asked me when I was a young child if my Stepdad could adopt me, and I told her no.  I have a lot of regret about that in my adult life.  First when he walked me down the aisle, and now that I have children.. Jim has been an amazing Father to me and is the apple of my children's eye, they love their Poppa! Thank you so much for all of your patience and dedication to our family.

6. I hold the door for my Elders every chance I get.

7. I still say please and thank you to complete strangers. 

8. When I was pregnant, people would figure out I was carrying Twins, and make comments like good luck or OMG.  I wanted to drop kick them in the face, thank God I couldn't get my leg up that high.

9. I love reality TV.  The good, the bad and the trash, bring it on.  I literally laugh so hard I cry at some of these shows.  

10. My friends think I am really funny, and say that's why they keep me around, but I don't really see it.

11. I love nothing more than to sit outside with my girlfriends and drink wine.  We laugh, we cry, we pick at each other, and its all free therapy.

12. I love to watch my husband perform, does something crazy to me every time.  Never gets old.

13. I can't stand when my kids whine.  

14. I always have at least 2 beverages going, and this has been a joke w/friends for years, sometimes I have 4.  Come to find out, part of my ADD/ADHD is thirst, dehydration, all the time needing fluids.  

15. I wish I could afford to move Aunt Sandy, Wendy, Homer, & Logan up north.  I love them so much and the bond that I feel with them is unbreakable.  Talk about good people.  I cry, weep, bawl & squall as they call it down in Louisiana, every time I leave them.  

16. My mother is the most giving person I know.  She would literally do anything for anybody, I am proud to say that has rubbed off on me, and my 3 year olds are already showing signs of this too.  Nothing better than to give.... Nothing.

17. I really want to travel, I want my children to grow up like I did.  Vacations every year, going to different states, seeing sights.  Good old American history.

18. I want horses.

19. When people ask me how my kids are, I don't know what to say.  Because lets face it folks, I could talk about them 24/7, and I feel like sometimes people ask, but they don't really want to hear.  So I usually just say something like, they are great, getting so big so fast? 

20. Sometimes I just wish my mother and I weren't like Oil & Water.  Regardless she is my hero.  And my children, husband, & even my dog ADORE her.  Thank you Mom.

21. I have twin sisters that I barely talk to and it hurts me everyday.. Everyday.

22. I miss my Grandmothers, all 3 of them.  I wish for all different reasons they could see me now.   I think that they would be so proud...  Love you Grandma Anne, Grandma Moore, and Grandma Selmer.  You all taught me so many things, and I will do my best to pass on your memories.

23. I think I will be a photographer some day.

24. I still have yet to see Ruby Falls or the Mammoth Caves.

25. I would totally go Noodling for Catfish.

26. I really would like to play co-ed Volleyball or Softball.

27. If going to the beach or pool was a Full Time job, I would apply for the position.

28. Recently when I was recovering from my Sinus surgery, I couldn't talk to Tara Geiger on the phone when she would call, just the thought of her made my eyes well up with tears.  I don't know why my emotions for her poured over the top, but I do know that I love you girl, since the 4th grade..

29. Good morning beautiful, is one of my all time favorite songs.

30. I wish my Mother in Law was still here.

Stop to smell the daisies.....

 Farmers Market SH July 2011
I made a vow to myself this year to enjoy each day as though it could be my last, and I am proud of myself, I have been really good about doing so.  I try not to let anyone or any thing hold me back.  I have definately been flying by the seat of my pants a lot more & not "too organized" as Jared calls it.  But on those days where I haven't, I feel guilty. Somedays I feel like life just sails right by me.  I hate to admit that I am tooooooo busy to enjoy "life" sometimes.  I saw this picture of my sweet, un-bias daughter, that proves, sometimes you just have to stop and smell the daisies.  Life is too short.  Live it, Love it, Rock it, Do it!


Just another nice day....

 After work when it's hot out, we like to play in the water
 They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the slip n slide, they never use it at my parents so we brought it home.
 Oh, I think Gray spied the slip n slide
 Empting the pool

The Knox Garden

Not sure what this is, Lavendar?  
 This was the first batch that we could pick
 The start of our Watermelons as of 08/02/11 they are the size of my hand
 Cucumbers, they are all really big and not very dark, but taste fabulous
 This was two weeks ago, when Jared and I were in the garden on Tuesday night, I can not see him and he stands 6'3.  Since this photo all of the storms have completely devasted our corn.  The last storm on Tuesday was the nail in the coffin.
Second harvest. 
Which come to think of, my Mom took everything?  Then I picked two baskets full on Tuesday and she took all of that too???  I didn't get to take a picture of that but the green onions are huge! Almost cartoonish. 

I told Jared I wanted a garden and we didn't really see eye to eye on it, but then he came around, he put a lot of work into this garden-I mean A LOT, and I am so proud of his efforts.  I think he likes having a garden more than anticipated.  Next year we are going even bigger, seperating the melons and pumpkins from the rest of the garden.  And going to figure out a better way to plant the corn, so sad we lost all of it.  Live and learn right?