Talk, talk, talk! 7 1/2 months and growing!

So if you can't tell by now, the children were born into a U of M family! Grandpa is going to the game Saturday, maybe someday he will get to take Charlotte and Grayson. Have fun at the Big House!

All they really wanted to do with their jerseys was eat the pretty shiny fabric! They will understand the true meaning of Saturday afternoons football games in a few years. Will be teaching them the fight song as soon as they can sing! Go Blue!

So Grayson has overcome his first viral infection turned ear infection. He was at the doctor's office, ER, and back to the doctor's office in 4 days time, but managed to gain 2 pounds in a month-19.1 lbs. His poor bottom is paying the repercussions now. Chapped, hot, miserable. Poor little man, but he is all smiles and a happy little man again. He gladly says Da-da now, which I think was way too much fun for his daddy. Grayson loves to rock back and forth on all fours, and has taken a couple of strides, but to no avail. Any day we will have a rock star crawler amongst us. Go Gray Go!

Our little Charlotte, finally broke her 2nd tooth threw, it just didn't want to poke threw, but she handled it like a trooper! Sleeping through the night 4-5 nights last week, we were on cloud nine, as her brother was so sick and up every 1-2 hours. She might just stand up and walk on us, she likes to get on all fours and and stand with her butt in the air, legs straight, arms straight, but can't quite lift up that head of hers! She has also started to enjoy calling her dad Da-da, non-stop. She no longers asks for her Ma-ma though?

Too funny, they wrestle each other to get to the camera! Pretty funny to sit and watch. Grayson actually clotheslined her and plopped right down on her belly like he was pinning her for the count 1-2-3! And she screamed, until she saw the camera! All smiles after that..

Shiny happy people! What a year it has been so far. They have changed so much, they look more and more alike each day, but still different. Their personalities keep evolving and is enchanting to watch. They hold conversations with each other and we wish we could understand their babble. We hope you all have a great Labor day holiday. Take Care.


Our 1st vacation with the babies/7 months

Charlotte, Cole, and Grayson, hanging out in Aunt Danielle & Uncle Ted's backyard. The trip was great, the kids pretty much slept the whole way down, and slept wonderfully that night.
Grayson loving Cole's swing, we wanted to try it out to see if we should go buy one! What do you think? I don't think there is one photo of him that he wasn't cheesin!

Hanging out on the blanket, just enjoying the weather and the company.

Charlotte wasn't too sure about this swing but we call this her Roller Coaster hair photo.

Oh no, what's wrong with Charlotte?

Nothing's really wrong, she was just having a moment, this was literally 2 seconds after above photo!

Handsome boy!

Da-daaaa! So the twins both have teeth, love to sit and play and conversate with each other. They sometimes don't even realize the world around them it seems. I wonder what they think about each other? They love to take each others toys, and hit each other with them too. 6 month check up was great, all is well with our babies, doc said they were very big for twins, and to keep doing what we're doing!