A cast and a Blueberry Festival..........

Charlotte fell off the top of the slide at Miss Vicki's house.
We accessorized her sling with stickers!
Waiting @ Dr. Postma's office.
Realizing her arm hurt after the nurse took of her splints.
Look Mom, it matches my cup!
And really, we live 3 minutes maybe from the hospital!! But she still has an apple in her hand!
Next day Jared and I decided we would go act like tourists @ Blueberry festival. She didn't want to be face painted, she wanted to be hand painted! Gotta love it. Her brother went first, and he wasn't letting that nice young lady paint anything on his face.
Love her!
Get it Grayson! He is crazy about bounce lands! he just goes!
Hot, red faced, very happy children.  We all had a blast!
Do you see the ring of rainbow around the sun.  I had to work last Saturday morning, and walking out in the parking lot you could see the whole sky, it was gorgeous!

Grayson is 100% potty trained. Charlotte is 99% potty trained, she has only went #2 on the big girl potty 3 times for me.  Her Pooping issues have left her scarred for life.  But she tells us when she is going to go #2 and we slap a pull up or diaper on her.  I love that I spent $30 on a huge box of pull-ups and they have only used 1/4 of them, still have a full box of diapers too from when I left for Georgia.  They wear "underwears" all day and to sleep in, GOOD JOB KIDDOS. 

They will be so embarrassed someday when they read this blog.. "Mom, you talked about Poop!" yes my beautiful darlings, I did, and I am so proud of you both!! I love you more than words or gestures could ever express.  Be the best you can be, always.


August 2010

What a summer, what a summer.  Our little rascals are loving all their time outdoors.  The pool, lake, park, & farmers market, they can't get enough, they just want to play play play.  Don't blame them, if I didn't work I would be with them!  Both kids now swim the full length of the pool without life-vests, just arm floaties.  They jump off the diving board too.  Little daredevils!!  Grayson and Charlotte are about 95% potty trained, they look at you with excitement and say, I have to go potty! But our little Charlie Girl will not go #2 on the potty.  Any suggestions? We are willing to do what ever it takes!!


Trip to Atlanta..

This is from my recent trip to Atlanta for training @ work.
I flew in on a Monday, it was 108 and this storm was on the horizon.
Now coming from the North and living just south of Tampa for 2 years,
I have seen some storms, some lightning, and rain.  But this my friends, was no joke.
After I checked in to my hotel, I ran down the street to Target to purchase a few things
and I was scared to walk outside after that.  The lightning was deafening and you could feel it in your chest! Kinda like being at a concert and sitting next to the speakers.
The view of Stone Mountain out of our corporate office in Tucker Georgia.
Driving towards Stone Mountain Resort
The resorts golf course The Commons
View from the golf course patio
The resort was great, served great food, the staff was awesome, I just wish my family would of been there, great place to go and relax!