I don't think they even remembered getting these motorized 4 wheelers for Christmas! They were having a blast on them yesterday!! Perfect weather too, it was 48 degrees still at 5pm.

Charlotte on her Pinkmobile.
Grayson ready to take on the world. He figured out the reverse and forward buttons really quick!


Christmas 2009

Grandma cooking in the kitchen!
Santa's been here!!
Aunt Melissa
Grandma & Grayson listening to the beautiful harmonies of Alexis and BreAna!
Grayson's first Christmas cookie..
Melissa, Barb, and Gabby
Beatle's unplugged... Alexis on Guitar & vocals, BreAna on vocals.
Charlottes first Christmas cookie
Getting the party started... Do you notice a pattern?
Alex, check..
BreAna, check...
Guitar, check!
So I just found these pics from my parents camera of Christmas!! Hope u Enjoy.