What a year.....

My little mini me, Charlie-girl. She loves, loves, loves to walk around and talk. Non-stop! She loves her daddy, and the doggies, she gets our dogs to come right up to her and she acts like she is going to give them kisses, but pulls away at the last second and laughs.... She carries around a blanket, any blanket, sometimes two blankets. Loves her rocking horse and anything musical. But still not sleeping through the night on a daily basis. Dios Mio!
Cake time at their 1st Birthday party. Grayson was all about getting dirty, but his sister wasn't that into it.

We were really trying at getting a "Family" photo.. I think I am going to have to breakdown and go to a portrait studio? But these pics are fun, Grayson was hammin it up.

Charlie in Piggie-tails

My handsome little Grayman he is so smart, and fearless. This child BUMPS his head just as often as I change his diaper. He scares me sometimes.. Grayson is my little singer, he walks around mimicing, the TV, a musical toy, or singing along with me when I sing them songs. Loves his daddy and his mommy, very much, a cuddle bug, yet so independant.. Loves a silky blankie whenever, wherever, and still doesn't sleep through the night either..... But we are working on it.

Winter at Hawkshead

She loves her toy box, she is in it all the time, and is content playing in there all by herself. When Grayson gets in there with her, forget it! She gets very upset!

Office chair again
Christmas time



So, here is a sample of what's to come....

I have been slacking in the Blogger department and apologize... I have so much to tell, and show you all. but for now, this will have to do... This is a picture of us at Grayson and Charlotte's 1st Birthday party.... Hope you all enjoy.