8 months old and oh my, we have busy babies!

So we ordered this mat floor for the babies, they absolutely love it. When we put all the tiles together, they were all over it, colors, textures and we have the alphabet and shapes too. This is what they sit and play on. Easy clean up and padded for those accidental falls.
This is the new thing with the twins, pulling themselves up on anything or anyone! Charlotte has fully mastered this cool trick, Grayson is still trying. Charlotte stood up twice a few days ago without furniture! I called Jared at work and said we should start planning their 13th birthday, he asked why? I told him his daughter stands up now! Before crawling forward folks!
So 8 months old now, they scoot, crawl backwards, Charlotte last night mastered crawling forward, and she is fast, let me tell you. The baby gate is up and they are sectioned off into our living room which is pretty empty now, just furniture!
So happy together!
He is my ham-bone!
She is my cheese-ball!

Like father like son. This was the babies first wedding. Their cousin Stella got married on Saturday. They did great. They loved the church!
Hello world! Standing on mommies lap!
Aunt Theressa and Charlotte. This is Charlottes typical camera face!