Charlotte - Little Rams Basketball 2013

 Warming Up - Tongue always out

Sideline Cheesin' 
Game 1 under our belt - Very proud of my girls - they played hard and we learned a lot.
Go Pink!!

Grayson - Little Rams Basketball Season 2013

Little Rams starts kids at 6 yrs old.. But we got both the kiddos in at 5 yrs old because we wanted to be their coaches.  So Grayson was the youngest kid on the team-but that didn't hold him back.  He always wanted to play, he was very aggressive and never gave up.  Love this lil guy of mine.
 Notice his feet are off the ground completely?
First Game
Almost buddy!! 
Going to find his man!! 
 I laughed this whole game, this kid couldn't get away from Grayson-Coach tells them to "Guard your man" and so he did!! 
Hustling Back - He is #1
Boys Tournament Medal Ceremony
Good Job Gray Dragons & Coach Knox

These kids did such an amazing job, they became team players & friends. 
Memories being made = Good stuff