4 & 1/2 months already!

Daddy is always sleeping on the job. She was laying there with her arm under his neck and it was too dang cute! She loves her daddy!!

The introduction of cereal, this is too fun. They like their new food, but it takes some getting used to. Grayson loves to eat in general so this is going to get really interesting with all the new food groups to come. We went to the doctor on 5/15/08, Grayson weighed in at 15lbs 2.5oz and was 25.5 inches long, he is in the 75% for his age in height and 50% for his weight. Doctor was very happy with his progress and how happy of a baby he is.
Her cheeks are totally out of this world, sometimes they look like they are holding her shoulders in place, and the other times they look normal. She gets camera shy sometimes too. Her doctor stats are 15lbs 0oz. & 24.5 inches long, Charlotte is in the 75% for her weight & 50% for her height. Again doc was happy with progress and how happy she is, they played together for the whole visit on the table-Our visits take an hour-hour and 1/2, so they did very well..

Time for our walk... The twins have gotten the hang of goin out for a stroll. They enjoy it more than before, they look around and explore the surroundings now, before they would just sleep.

My happy babies, 1st thing in the morning, I kept asking them, "who told you that you were the cutest babies ever", and they just kept laughing at their Momma! No, I don't let them hang out with out shirts on, but they had both just spit up all over their PJ's, very common for us.

The battle of the babies, Walker vs. Exersaucer!!! Grayson absolutely loves making all that noise, Charlotte just stared at him, I think she was a little jealous. She cranks out the noise in the saucer too. They love their activities, they love to kick and punch and are trying their hardest at rolling over, but they are pretty healthy and their weight just keeps on rolling them back. Soon, very soon, we practice everyday on helping them to push their weight over.