Miss them...


So my dear friend Danielle lives in, well I guess I can say too far away... I hate it and I don't hate a lot of things.  I have not been there to watch her son grow up into the smart, sweet, & soccer playing lil man that he is, I wasn't there for his birth, I have missed every birthday party and I hate it.  I feel like a bad friend bc I have missed so much.  I don't get to call her after work and tell her to meet me somewhere for some "us" time, or have her and the family over for dinner.  Our kids are strangers every time they meet again.  I just wish sometimes the best things weren't so far out of reach.  I will say that I have been fortunate this year and have been able to see her more than most of the years combined that she has been gone.  A few trips to the Glove State for Grad Party, Funeral, Wedding stuff, and we did take a trip to see their new house, which was amazing, we did nothing but veg, the kids played, and played and played.. I just wish they could grow up and play every week together.  I miss you guys so much.. 


I should have been a Storm Chaser....

June 21st, 2011, yet another day that tornado's were all around us.  Mother Nature is getting more and more angry in her old age...  I am unsure of why are weather gets more extreme each year, but I think it is getting a little creepy.  I am very thankful we live off the lake, all the tornado's hit the bluffs and bounce right over lake front communities and hit inland.   This storm produced about 4-5 inches of water an hour, kids were playing in the streets in knee-waist deep waters depending on where you lived. 
I am fascinated with storms, Jared calls me his Storm Chaser.  I remember once when I was pregnant I was on top of my Jeep out at Hawkshead photographing this gigantic rolling cloud that turned into a fierce storm, right there above me..  He was a little upset that I was pregnant and top of a vehicle & that the sky was opening up right above me..
 I think I am going to look into a photography class.
 This was super creepy, we were driving the kids to my parents, and right above that car looked for sure like a funnel was ready to start.
And this was the next morning driving in to work at 6 am, ended up to be a gorgeous day.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a.....

They just make me smile! I can't tell you what really was in the sky, but I can tell you, they spy'd it and were all over what ever it was.


Alexis Menzor GRADUATES!! Class of 2011

Charlie & Nanni b4 the Ceremony
Uncle John & Kendra
 sure we have time 4 a story!!
 Grandpa & Grandma Menzor
 Here come the graduates!!
 Poppa & one tired punkin!
Alexis is the girl in the white gown with her hand holding her cap on. 
Old Glory 
 The flags were going crazy blowing in the wind, then when the ceremony started the wind just stopped.
 He is everywhere we go (Superman)
 This is what happens when u don't take a nap Sissy. 
I try to tell u, u just won't listen to your Mommy! 
And this is what u look like when u do nap! Crazy hair! 
 Alex & I... I remember the day u were born. I was in 4th hour Spanish class with Senora Walsh (who was also ur Mom & ur Aunt Melanie's teacher) Now I will always remember the day you graduated.  Your an amazing young lady Alexis, I hope you continue on your path of individuality, music & artwork.  You can do anything you put your mind to.
 Throwing bags
 Some of her Artwork 
Anderson family, from left to right of table. Debbie, Christopher, Aunt Tammy, Uncle Tom, Kenny, Melissa, Melanie (taking a pic of me) Grandma Irma, & Billy.   
 Breana gave golf cart rides to and fro, i bet she drove that thing 100 times?
 I think he was gonna get me
 Uncle Phil, Jared, John Boy, Michelle
 Barb & Gabby
 Christine, Jerome, Paul, Eric
Jared & Dad 
Love this picture!!!  Lonna & John Menzor 
 Grandma Irma
Michelle, Aunt Shirley, Aunt Polly, Tammy 
Sara (I think) Kelsey, Kendra's Mom
 Aunt Tammy & Uncle Tom
 Bill, Debbie, & Christopher
 Kenny & the Twins-Melissa & Melanie
 Mel & Grandma Irma
 Gray, Charlie, & Kylie
Michelle, Tammy, Mom, Aunt Polly 
Helium Sucker!
 Such a great smile!
 Keeping hydrated, it was a hot one
Where's Charlotte? 
 Uncle Howard
Me-Here Grayson, drink some H20, u gotta stay hydrated.
G-drinking the H20 then spitting it all over like a true boy.   
 Poppa & Breana
I love this picture, she gave me the same look evey time, I think it was a "get that camera out of my face look"?  
 My sisters 2 Dad's
 Cutest lil punkins ever.
She was like a pink cupcake, just want to eat her up.   
 My beautiful Nieces
 Aunt Mel, Alex, Mis, Bre
 Sis, Uncle John, & Gray
She didn't want to go home, very mad at her Momma.
yup still mad, Gray's got his superhero face on. 

The day was awesome, everyone had a great time, it was hotter than blazes with a great breeze.  So nice being around family and friends.  And to all be celebrating such a great accomplishment, can't ask for anything better.  
Congrats again Alex, I love you so much.