Kelly Wendt Photography - Family Pics July 2013

For your viewing pleasure.

 Love his face! Can't get enough of his antics!!

I feel like we are on a scary movie set in this one! Loved taking the pics on the Moore Horse Farm. So many great places to get amazing shots.  


~ Being Grateful ~

grate·ful /ˈgrātfəl/ 

Adjective Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

Synonyms thankful - appreciative - beholden

After a heavy heart on Sunday - I had a much needed discussion with the Twinks about having gratitude and being thankful. Seems that I have to remind them to say thank you all of a sudden and that doesn't fly with Momma at all! Their summer has consisted of: 2 gigs in parades, Shedd's Aquarium, Chi-Town Train ride, Michigan's Adventure, Crazy Bounce, Chuck E. Cheese, countless movie theater trips, sleep overs, trips to the beach, parks, festivals, playing ball, farmers market on Saturdays - THE LIST GOES ON. Catch my drift? So when my beautiful, smart, independent Twinks forget what being grateful is all about, my feathers got a tad ruffled.  They were both instructed on the drive home to think about what being grateful meant, and not to speak. I was steaming at this point, so the silence was also a timeout for me. Then when we got home, they were sent to their room in silence to continue to ponder on why I was upset and how they would do better, scratch that BE BETTER!  They asked if they could come down and talk to me, I told them I didn't want to hear the word "sorry" because the disappoint I was feeling needed much more. After a long conversation and many examples, they promised to be their best. God love my 5 year olds.

Here are some random bits of Grateful for your viewing pleasure.  

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom" - Marcel Proust 

12 Steps to Stop Yelling at your Kids

I saw this on another blog and thought of myself.. I hate yelling at my kids. I remember how awful it made me feel when i was young. Worth looking into. http://theorangerhino.com/12-steps-to-stop-yelling-at-your-kid/

~ I remind my kids that everyday there are children without food, shoes, clothes, beds, or even blankets - and that they should be grateful for the people in their lives that work so hard to provide them with so much.
And this pic below is such a reminder of exactly that ~  Measure your life by what you have, not by what you don't.

With all of this being said, I just want my kids to appreciate life for what comes their way, not for something that is bought or given. Be thankful for the fresh air, grateful for the simple pleasures that surround them everyday. 
 Exactly!! Very well said Mr. Emerson.


I saw this post on Facebook and knew that this should be shared, it's from a website called Motivated Mastery.

  • Your life will change when you change your mind
  • Being stuck is a result of your fears overpowering your desires
  • Take the time to clean the lens through which you view the world it will reveal what you missed
  • Seek patterns and the meaning behind them
  • Do you chase happiness or do you create it?
  • Bravery is in high demand
  • Curiosity is your greatest ally
  • Don't be afraid to ask
  • Sleep is not the cousin of death excuses are
  • A lot is learned by watching others
  • Choose wisely who you are surrounded by
  • Reinventing yourself helps you embrace your best, truest self
  • Learn to enjoy discomfort
  • Create the habit of > failing forward > pick up the pieces, learn & try again
  • Access to knowledge & education is more available harness this opportunity & help yourself
  • In good times or bad extract a lesson - failures forge heroes not successes
  • Make a difference no matter the size helping others helps yourself
  • Every problem has a solution
  • Anything worthwhile to your heart will elicit fear & self doubt this is your cue to proceed (I LOVE THIS - proud to say I have felt & conquered this)
  • No one can make you feel anything it is what you tell yourself that creates how you feel
  • Yes there are many broken systems in place, stop complaining, use this obstruction not as an excuse to delay but to step forward & learn what others could not
  • Everything that starts with you ends with you
I think I am going to print a few of these and frame them for my kids bedroom - great words to live by.


Just sayin'!

Put me in coach... I'm ready to play... Today...

 Charlotte in one of her first games, the kids went from the Tee to Pitching from their Coaches, and she did great with that!! Go Sissy Go!
 Last day of the season-Boys award ceremony.
 Charlie, Quin, Wyatt, Gray & Madi - Good Friends and Great Kiddos!
Gray is in the black sweatshirt-Down and ready.  He loved the game! 

Pre-School Graduation 05/23/2013

They did it!! Moving on to Kindergarten! And they are so excited!! 

One of the best decisions ever was putting them in the Pre-K program at St. Paul. 2 years of learning before Kindergarten = priceless.  Miss Ehrenberg said they were such great helpers with the "lil ones" and for her.  Sure am going to miss that school.


So way back when I posted things you didn't know about me. Random tidbits about my life. Round 2.
Well, I have been undecided about a lot of things in my life, and blogging was well, something I would log in to do but then felt conflicted about.  Today is a new day and sometimes you have to journal about life. I was told by an amazing friend that I needed to get back to journaling because I feel better when I do.  Truth be told.

  1. Divorce sucks. You not only break up your family, (switching to me, not in general) I got disowned by friends I have had for most of my 35 years of my life. Your extended family gets awkward, some no longer talk to you like they would have because they don't know what to say. I understand this, but I'm still me, that's never changed. Just love me and support me. Support my babies. And people think they know what you are going through, don't assume folks, because you really have no idea.
  2. On that note, I have lightened my load of toxic people, some of which are the people that I hold closest to my heart and have shared everything with me in my life. Painful decisions as they were, hoping some day to mend these relationships, just not holding my breath.
  3. People at work, well some just act like nothings changed, thank u btw, but others whisper and talk gossip, which can very well damage my career.
  4. I have become a hermit when my kids aren't with me, if I am not with my immediate core group of amazing friends, I hang out at my house because I live in a very small town that all think they know my business.
  5. Speaking off business, I have lost a great business I loved all because people are small and live in glass houses. Karma. Karma. Karma.
  6. The small things always mattered the most behind my kids, but now, the small things are the most breathtaking, breath of fresh air.
  7. Keeping my kids busy, social, loved, and secure is now even more of a priority for me.
  8. The gas prices blow my mind!
  9. Working 6/12 hour days is for the birds, but great on the pocket book for a single mom.
  10. I haven't felt this happy and free in a long time. Through hell and high water, I have prevailed. And I am so very thankful for my choices, regardless of the lasting effects, because in the end, if Momma's not happy.. Well you know the rest.
  11. I miss my sisters and the relationship we could have. Maybe someday.
  12. Still miss my Grandmothers like crazy, still wish they were here to see my babies, to give me guidance, because times are so different now, their wisdom would be priceless. Seriously, if I could have one more day with all 3 of them.. Ugh..
  13. My kids are super human fish, they swim at the age of 5 that surprises all the adults at our condos pool.  Deep end to shallow end in barely 2 breaths. So. Very. Proud. Hard work always pays off.
  14. Sometimes I just have to realize that I have to let go, lower my expectations (not in a bad way) in a 5 year old kinda way. They are little people with powerful minds and thoughts, and I need to listen more and guide less?
  15. I love my Nanny Hayley Jane (as I call her), without her some days I wonder what I would do. Not because I can work, bc she does everything with my kids, she also is on the "most wanted" list for babysitters for my friends for next year. We have been very lucky with all of our FT Nanny's, she just shines!!
  16. My babies graduated their 2 year Pre-School and are ready and willing to take on Kindergarten!! Thank you Miss Ehrenberg & St. Paul Lutheran School. Look out Maple Grove!! Woooo Whooo!!
  17. I'm super excited for College Football season - - - GO BLUE BABY!! Saturday afternoons here we come!
  18. This super hot weather makes me so happy, I love feeling that humid burst of hot air first thing in the morning when I leave for work.  The cold can go shove it somewhere.
  19. I wish I could buy my condo. We love it here. Except the old cranky lady that got in my face at the pool over having my very dear friend and her beautiful children there.. But alas, I was legally within the owners/rental laws.. Hahahaha cranky pants, being shrewd, crude and scaring little kids never pays off! Just sayin'!
  20. Super thankful we have a pool! And thankful our dear friends come hang at the pool often!
  21. Coaching Charlottes basketball team was quite frankly the coolest thing I have ever done. (Jared coached Grayson's team.) And my girls rocked that tournament!  Can't wait to take the program over next winter and continue to coach Lil Rams!! Purple & Gold baby!
  22. So proud that Gray played baseball and killed it every time he went to bat, that kids got a future, mark my words. Charlie also played softball and for a 5 year old girl was never afraid of the ball, she is the quickest punkin ever, like she has wheels when she hits that ball. They are amazing kids. Really!
  23. I love to drive down the road going over the speed limit with all the windows down and the music as loud as it goes singing and dancing the entire time! I play air guitar, drums, tambourine, piano-Yup a site to see I'm sure.....
  24. The news media is disgusting-so negative. All. The. Time.
  25. I threw a surprise 60th Birthday party for my Mother. Hasn't been done in quite some time. Big deal in my book. Thankful to friends & family that attended-meant a lot.
  26. I want to take the kids on the train to Chi-town to go to Shedd's Aquarium & the Lincoln Park Zoo, been wanting to this since they were 3. And we are going to do it!!
  27. Training wheels came off the Twinks bikes. Took all of 1 try for both kids, Gray is off and riding after a week with Hayley, Jared & my parents help, Charlie just won't let go, she can do it, just has to let herself.  Love that girl, so much like me.
  28. I wonder some days what my biological father David is doing, how he is but at the same time, completely emotionally detached for so many years from him.  Weird?
  29. I have a part time job. Have to make ends meet right? And when folks see me there, they are like, what are you doing here. Yup - then I just grin and ask them if they are thirsty!! LOL!
  30. Went hiking for the first time in over a decade in Ontonagon, MI - (Upper Peninsula) hiked almost 9 miles, and felt like I could do that for a living?!?!?!?!? Loved every minute of being in the forest! So free. So small in a world of wild.. And the views - HOLY COW - Mother Nature has done some amazing work.
  31. I want to go back to college and get my degree, I want to be a positive example to my babies when it comes to my education. I have been ready to enroll in classes a couple of times, but my job at the plant has kept me from doing so due to major projects (which I am thankful for) that I get assigned to.
  32. I want to possibly go into Nursing & Photography? Bonnie says I would be an awesome nurse. I'm a caretaker of others, guess that helps right?
  33. I think about my friend Corey Jo a lot, I ponder her daily life wishing we could connect more often. We all have our own Hell we have been in or are in, but her outlook on life, continues to absolutely blow me away. She probably doesn't know it, but I look up to her.
  34. I'm thankful I have an amazing job.
  35. I have been off all of my medicine for months because it was too expensive, I have some bad days because my system is in free motion, any of you with depression or PTSD know what I am talking about, but for the most part, I'm really glad that I am not pumping chemicals into body. Risky at best, but maintaining nicely.
  36. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart my girls that have stood by my side and listened to my every word. Witnessed my ugly. Held me when I cry. Held a "friend intervention" when I held it all in from them and hit bottom - came up with a code word-FAIL. They would be there if they heard or saw that from me. Been straight up and honest. But most of all, given me their unconditional love. My love & time is yours, I cannot express the gratitude I have for you beautiful woman. Without these ladies, I just don't know where I would be.
  37. Proud that I "plucked the friend garden" had some dandelions growing in my life for years, and it took way too long to realize, they were really all about them and only them. I am a true friend, I give and give, until I can no longer give myself. So to that I make a wish on the seeds I blew in the wind along with their relationship. Onward and upward folks!
  38. I miss my kids so much when they leave on Sunday to spend the week with their Father. I hate that I can't be with them, but I know that they need their time with him. Sunday mornings can't come soon enough. Growing pains I guess.
  39. I hate-hate-hate that I gained 20+ of my 40+ pounds I lost back. Winter was very depressing and I need to kick my own a$$ and drop this weight. Good lordy!
  40. I took a CPL class (Concealed Pistol License) and can't wait to get my card in the mail.  Miss shooting guns, grew up doing it with my Dad, Big Jim and at my Brother in Laws house, John Boys.  And I am great shot if I don't say so myself.

So there you have it.  I unloaded some of my baggage. I have loads of pics, just need to post them. I bid you all happiness & health.. Live your day everyday like it is your last. Tell your loved ones how much you love them.  Happy Summer Peeps - Much Love.

Live it. Love it. Rock it. Dream it.


Charlotte - Little Rams Basketball 2013

 Warming Up - Tongue always out

Sideline Cheesin' 
Game 1 under our belt - Very proud of my girls - they played hard and we learned a lot.
Go Pink!!

Grayson - Little Rams Basketball Season 2013

Little Rams starts kids at 6 yrs old.. But we got both the kiddos in at 5 yrs old because we wanted to be their coaches.  So Grayson was the youngest kid on the team-but that didn't hold him back.  He always wanted to play, he was very aggressive and never gave up.  Love this lil guy of mine.
 Notice his feet are off the ground completely?
First Game
Almost buddy!! 
Going to find his man!! 
 I laughed this whole game, this kid couldn't get away from Grayson-Coach tells them to "Guard your man" and so he did!! 
Hustling Back - He is #1
Boys Tournament Medal Ceremony
Good Job Gray Dragons & Coach Knox

These kids did such an amazing job, they became team players & friends. 
Memories being made = Good stuff



I had questioned myself so many times about this... I read this book (I was a better Mom before I had kids) this summer sitting out on my deck enjoying the fresh air, and I came across this, took a picture of it. Words to live by in my weak moments.. I sent this to my group of closest friends too so they could remember when the day heads south, we are amazing woman, mom's, friends.  


Pre-School Pictures 2012-2013

I look at pictures daily of how small they once were and I really just can't believe how fast the time has flown by.  Grayson & Charlotte will be 5 on January 7th....  My babies... I love them so much.


Vegas Part 2.........

Watching the Airplanes dot the sky - First morning
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?  
Grayson relaxing in my lap poolside=Happy Mommy 
Morning walks with Mommy, my parents house is in a gated community & this is one of the golf courses inside the gated community, which is home to several other gated communities inside it's gates.  Make sense? 
 Red Rock Bound!!
 Learning about what we could see while hiking? 
 Rock & Roll Sissy here we go!!

Big Jet Airplane Ride to Vegas 08/30/2012

The kids had a super great time, they did a wonderful job and overall loved their first airplane ride. We were Vegas bound on the Thursday night Red Eye flight-and when we arrived, I was so proud of the kiddos for their manners & keeping themselves together.  Can't wait to go play in the clouds with them again!!

Easter (early) 2012

This Easter didn't really feel like Easter to me. I was in the middle of an Outage working 7/10's, my babies were in Louisiana & my Parents were in Vegas..   So we had an Easter Egg Hunt early for the Twins.
 And they're off!!
 if you look closely you can see them polka-dotting the grass
Grayson's so happy he is just racking in the eggs!
 Go Charlotte Go!! 
 And then............ He Trips......... Eggs. Go. Everywhere!!
But because Nanni's hard-boiled eggs weren't cooked all the way, they slime everything..  He was such a sad Punkin, extremely upset, but we finally get him to calm down right?????
 And then.........
 He runs to get this yellow egg and takes a header into this tree.. Oy Vey!! The poor thing.