1st pictures of the Babies

Jared's 1st time holding his babies
Look at these yummy little faces!

Grayson on the left and Charlotte on the right
More pics to come-
~~Hugs and kisses from the Knox Family~~


Our beautiful little babies...

Well if you haven' t heard the latest addition to our family has arrived. On January 7th at 6:24pm Charlotte Rose Knox joined this world at a hefty 6lbs 2oz and standing 19 inches long, followed very closely by her baby brother Grayson Phillip Knox at a chunky 6lbs 8oz and also 19 inches long. The delivery was after waiting 30 hours in the hospital to figure out if my uterus was going to work or not, and it didn't so we had a c-section. Jared was back in the recovery room watching LSU vs. OSU in the national title game-feeding the babies since I could not, and holding his son watching his team win the title was a teary moment-I wouldn't know, I was in a drug induced sleep-but from what he said, this event was touching! Everyone is healthy, happy, and sleeping very well actually. We were released from the hospital on Thursday late afternoon and back to the doctors on Friday morning for their Post-Birth wellness check and the babies are doing great! We wanted to Thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers, visits to our hospital room, phone calls, flowers and cards-we love you all so very much and hope to see you all soon. Enjoy some of our photos thus far of our wonderful creations!


New Year's Eve 2007/Week 36

Here is a picture of my husbands new friend. For those of you who don't know, Jared has
the most peculiar luck with wildlife, if it is in our yard, it will find him. In this case, the dogs found this Opossum and brought it to the front door, when my husband went to the door to let them in, he started to freak out, you had to be there, I really almost wet my pants, I told him to grab the camera b/c we needed proof, so as he is outside snapping shots of this wonderful creature, it was alive-Playin Opossum as they say, and as soon as Jared turned to walk in our house, the Opossum got up and took off! You should of heard Jared-it is almost impossible to be this pregnant and laugh like that, I could of used a diaper!
Hangin out in front of the fireplace doing some last minute reading on the birth of Twins
36 weeks and still cookin'!

Jared took this when I was cooking his birthday lunch of Taco's 12/21/07
35 weeks and the shirts are getting shorter!

****Went to the doctor's again 12-31-07, still dilated to a one, babies are approximately 6lbs 3oz each, we had a non-stress test, and both babies were in great shape, heartbeats ranged from 120's to 170's, we go back on Friday to have another stress test and if I am dilated more, they will strip my membranes (never thought I would ever talk about that) otherwise we are almost 100% sure we will schedule something for Monday, if we make it that long. Hoping we go sooner but Grayson and Charlotte will be worth the wait... I gained 4 more pounds during the weeks of Christmas, 33 altogether-can't wait to see how much I gain by Friday.****