Bright eyes and happy smiles

Little man hanging out on the bench seat over looking the ravine
Both babies banging on the screens making music.

Hello momma, what can I do for you? I just love his hair! WILD MAN!

Elaina came over for dinner and found the bench seat to be a quiet place!

What? We didn't put all those smugs on the TV! The dogs did it..

Help the Baby Einstein music table has got me! She was so mad at the table and me for getting on the floor to take this picture. But how did you get under there child?

Time to put the dirty dishes away Daddy. Grayson was helping Jared clean the kitchen after dinner one night. He was all about the machine!

O how she loves her little brother. Slapping him around first thing in the morning!

Go Blue!
Daddy's football partners in crime.
So the babies are going to be 10 months old on the 7th of November, and they are so big... Grayson has 4 teeth, 2 on top now and his bottom 2, he is going to have the cutest smile.. Charlotte still just has 2 on bottom.
Both kids are ready to walk but just won't take the step, they laugh at us when we try to coax them into it and then they politely sit down on their humps!
Today Grayson figured out how to climb into the swing and bounce in it! Then he flipped backwards right back out of it, no tears, just got up and started playing with something else. This is why we call him "Bruiser"! Charlotte would rather be making lots of noise with her toys. She is also a climber, but on us or furniture. She figured out how to pull herself up on the bench window seats yesterday! Great, we childproofed this room now we need one big padded room for them! Monkey's I tell you!!!
So Charlotte says Hi Dada, and will repeat after me when I say "Hi you" in the morning when she wakes up or waking up from a nap. Grayson cries every morning when Dada leaves for work. He cries Dada, Dada, Dada and hangs on the baby gate waiting for Jared to come back-poor little man. Well I guess those were the highlights of our last 3 weeks.
We hope you all are well and in good health.
Happy Halloween
The Knox Crew


Nine months old & playing at the pumpkin patch

Today we went for the twins 9 month check up. Doctor was very happy with how much they have grown and alert they are. Charlotte weighed in at 19 lbs. 10.5 oz. and is 28 inches long. She is in the 75% for her height and weight and her head circumference is 45 3/4 and she is in the 90%. Doctor said she was a very inquisitive and observant little girl. We started off thinking how high maintenance she was, but now she is super calm and quite until she really needs something i.e. sleep, clean diaper, or bottle.

Now for the little brother (not really). He weighed in at 21lbs 4.5 oz. and was 29 inches long. He was in the 50% for weight & 75% for his height. His head was also in the 90% like his sisters @ 46 3/4.... He has now taken charge of life (so he thinks) and is super aggressive and an extreme little boy. He was helping the doctor do his physical today. Guiding the lights for his eyes, the ear scope and tongue depressor. She thought he was such a charmer. She couldn't believe how he just stands up and hangs out. She said he was too young to walk!! Anyway, our little chickadees are doing great, and they are very happy babies.

Just got home from the doc's office and causing havoc already. Charlotte busted her lip two days ago. You can see it a little bit-top left lip, she cried for a whole 10 seconds.
So this was going to one of the kids costumes, so I figured I would try it on both of them to see how they did, but neither of them wanted anything to do with it, it was fun at first for Grayson, but quickly turned into no laughing matter..
Now Charlotte on the other hand was immediately very upset with her mother for putting this contraption on her! Grayson was back to thinking that the situation was funny.....
I know some of you may ask yourselves why I am putting this on my blog. But I couldn't not let this one go without being seen.. She will not stand still on the changing table and this is what happens each and every time. But she wouldn't let me get her diaper on her so I took a cute pic!

Magic Pumpkins?
Oh, what do I do with it Mommy? Look at his eyebrows? Perplexed.
She loves textures, and the pumpkin patch was full of new and colorful ones.
I want this one...
Or maybe just a nap?
Hope all is well with you and yours~
Kisses from the Knox Crew