A day at the park...... 21 months old

this picture was actually taken this summer by Brother Ted at our church picnic. You can still see a little bit of Grayson's blackeye! He was playing in the Bounce House here....

Brother Ted also took this at the church picnic this summer.. Love this picture of Charlotte.

And the day at the park begins... The weather was so nice last week, after work Jared and I took the Mini-me's to Tot Lot and nobody was there but us.. The kids had a blast.

Grayson figured out rather quickly that he could go down the slides all kinds of ways!

and then he found the REALLY big slide.. I had to get Jared's help with this one as the top of the slide was way over my head..

Our little man has over come his Croup and still has a bad case of the Whiney Child and we are hoping it will go away soon, but terrible two's are here and this may just be something we deal with?

And yet another way to go down the slide Mom..

Charlotte, it looks like the Mission Impossible theme song is playing in her head.

Big Kid slide and that is the top of Jared's head. They would climb up the ladder themselves and then, WEEEEEEEEE, down to the bottom to me.
Charlotte also beat her battle against Croup, and has no lasting Whiney Child effects.. Thank goodness!
She was getting ready to blink, she doesn't like the camera!
Too cute, my little punkin..

Zoom, zoom, zoom....
Hi! That's what she says to everyone now.. Hi and Bye, with a wave, lots of conversations with strangers when Charlie goes to Wal-mart. She also tries to reach out and touch people!!! I am always like what are you doing, STOP!! Too much..


From summer to fall............ And everything in between.

Sunrise in Louisiana
My sugar pie honey buns! We played everyday it was nice with this pool, and the slide going into it! They would cry when they had to come inside!! And it never got easier, well till it started to get too cold!
Who needs a sandbox mom, we have a mountain of dirt in our yard!
(Excavation for the garage) He is so happy to be in the dirt..

Charlotte's first black eye. She got in a fight with her books on her bookshelf!

Grayson's first black eye, also this summer, he got into a fight with his first step stool.
My little Charlie Girl, playing in the lovely dirt mound. Bath time anyone?
Vacation to Louisiana.. Breakfast at Papaw Billy and Mamaw Marsha's house.
Papaw with the Twins, trying to get them to rest... Good Luck.
Charlie and Gray, two peas in a pod! They were so tired at this point, Grayson didn't make it 5 minutes in the van before he cashed out!!!
4 Generations of The Knox Family!
Billy Glenn Knox age 65, Jared Glenn Knox age 30, Roselyn Knox age 86 (birthday this month going to be 87), Grayson Phillip Knox age 20 months, & Charlotte Rose Knox age 20 months

So our trip to Louisiana was great, the Twins did great on the trip down, so much better than i ever anticipated! We left at 7:50pm and made it to Louisiana in 14 hours! Within half an hour to an hour of our arrival, Charlotte ran away from playing basketball with her Dad and Brother and grabbed the horse fence! Which shocked the bajesus out of her, she cried for a couple of minutes. Then she stepped in a fire ant hole and they attacked her leg, but that didn't faze her one bit. Grayson busted his whole mouth open later that afternoon, blood everywhere, horsing around with Daddy! They jumped on Aunt Wendy's trampoline everyday, which tired them out. And Grayson rode on his cousin Logans horse, first horseback ride, and loved it. Charlotte would not get on that horse for nothing! She liked to look at the horses and pet them, but that was it!

We went down to celebrate Grandma Maggie's surprise 90th birthday party! So when I get some pictures back from that, I will post those too!