18 months old and ruling the world (so they think)

Charlotte @ 18 months and lovin life
Daddy is now the elephant ride at the zoo! And they love it! I need to buy him some knee pads!
Gabby @ the zoo with us, she got an airbrush dolphin tattoo! Pretty cool! Thanks for all your help Gabs, couldn't have done it without you!
Grandma and Grayson look over the Monkey's @ John Ball Park Zoo
Gabby and Charlotte looking down to the monkey's too!
Grayson's first petting zoo! He just wanted to ride everything!
Happy 4th of July! We now have tradition, 2nd annual parade for the Knox Family! And it was interesting! Grayson slept through the entire parade again this year, but his hand was stuck in his snack cup the entire nap! Kid only thinks about food!
Whose driving to the parade?
Is Charlotte driving to the parade?
Yet another slithering friend of Jared's! Only the 3rd snake I ever saw @ Hawkshead! This snake was running from the storm! It was pouring outside that night!

So, it has been so crazy this summer! Where has the time gone? Well the twins are too much fun, they are so over the top sometimes, it makes me shake my head!
Grayson, is very vocal, and doesn't appreciate any sort of boundaries, he throws himself to the floor and flops like a fish out of water! Great, we love it! (Not!) He is off to the races any time his feet touch the floor, he is hands on dirty kid of the world and loves to just be free, I see him being a professional stunt man in his adult life! LORD help us! He is a super duper attention seeking child! His vocabulary is huge, and I am so proud of him! He says dead dog, (long story) shoes, grandma, bye bye, hot dog, Sissy, Bubba, Dora? we don't even watch the show? and banana, juice, butt-butt, while he scratches his cheeks, and his new favorite BUBBIES (boobies), all kinds of fun stuff. He has recently had his 1st black eye, emergency trip to the doctors office to check it out, big blood blister and cut to match! He is a brick house! We still call him bruiser just for that fact!

Charlotte is still a dainty little princess who loves to dig in the dirt! She is very thoughtful and methodical, and will play all by herself for very long periods of time, but loves to play with her brother! She has just picked up on tantrums, but is no where near as naughty as her brother. We try very hard to stay stearn with them, but sometimes you have to laugh, oh the faces Charlie will throw at you! And she hates the camera! Her vocab is also, off the charts! Most of the same words as her brother, but then she throws in random words like YELLOW? She can put her shoes on by herself, and on the right feet! She loves to be pretty and wear jewelry, but so does her brother! Is quite the daredevil as well, but she looks before she leaps. Is still a little smaller than her brother, maybe a pound or two and and inch shorter! But all in all, one strong independent little girl.

Here are some photos of this summer! Will promise to be my old shutterbug self and take lots more! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is healthy and happy! We love you all!
Hugs and Smooches
Jared, Beth, Charlie and Gray!