Loving the food...............

Grayson enjoying PB&J, spaghetti and Kraft singles! It took Mommy over a half and hour to clean up this mess. Both babies got an early bath!
At 1st Charlotte seemed to be the "cleaner" of the 2, but she decided to run her fingers thru her hair, and everywhere else!

Classic Grayson. He has 6 teeth! They just keep coming through. He takes steps, but would rather dive at you. FYI, this is why his nickname is bruiser! Any day we should have full fledged running, the way he crawls, and "furniture surfs" he is quick!

Raghhhrrr! Look at that face. She's like a lion hiding in a bush, waiting to pounce on you!
My little Charlie girl, still 2 teeth, taking steps also, but not walking. She is so careful, she knows when to sit or grab on to something, she doesn't like to fall. I would bet all the Cheerios in the world, this child could beat any other in a crawling or furniture surfing race! My dad tried to race with her last weekend at their house, and couldn't keep up. It's like she turns on the super-octane baby go juice!!

Not enough words to describe these two here! Ham-bones, rolling around on the floor.


72 degrees in November!

Charlotte was crawling into the sunset, and she was movin'!
She was excited to crawl uphill, and beat daddy!
Grayson's profile
Ohhhh, soft grass!
Toes in the grass!

Well, we all know that Michigan's weather is unpredictable, but today was absolutely gorgeous! The twins and I went for a walk earlier today, but when Jared got home from work the lighting outside was so perfect, so we decided to take the babies on the golf course and let them crawl around.


Happy Halloween

Since our babies weren't happy with the giraffe costume, we decided to just let them be comfortable. We passed out candy to our trick-o-treaters, which may have been 10 kids and then they played inside with grandma and daddy. Busy night C & G, try to take it easy ok? Next year we will have fabulous costumes (cross your fingers it goes over better)