Louisiana October 2010

            Hey pajama girl, ur wings are upside down! And this is our pirate!
Car ride again.  The kids did sooooo good, I can't be more thankful.  They slept, ate, slept. Then we would be at our destinations. 
I think this is 1 of the many, "I ate 2 many Doritos & my face looks like this now", faces of his.
Playing @ Great Grandma Maggie's house.
Wishing Bonnie was still here for this picture.
Charlie & Gray-2
Grandma Maggie-91

Stuck in his sisters carseat again.
Tuh-da, I beat him to the cool car seat again!!


Time to pick the pumpkins..........

This one?  
Or this one? 
 She knows he is up to something naughty!
 The possibilities are endless.....
 She is going to be a Golden Globe winner someday!
 Sayin cheese.
 She gravitated towards these pallets. Just ran up and down them..
Had a great time at Barners again this year.  The twins loved to help mom with carrying all the gourds and corn for the squirrels.  Can't wait to carve them this year!! 


Life as we know it.

The kids and I have been sick on and off for 3 weeks.  Grayson had tests ran to see what was ailing him, nothing came of the tests which is good, but at the same time, as a parent, you want piece of mind. So, Daddy decided to take us all shopping in the midst of our sickness and get us out of the house, and he bought the kids a new swing set.  They are over the moon ecstatic about having the "park at home".  They love it, cry every time they have to come in the house.  They are so brave and daring, Grayson runs towards the hanging rings and just grabs them and swings. They swing on the "adult swings" now and are really quite good at it.  Can't wait to get them a tire swing, maybe next year. 
My Picasso! The kids have such a blast being creative, I set them at the island in the kitchen and they go to town... They painted so well together, and on each other! 
Forgot to tell you all!!! We took the cribs away & put up the big beds, and finally finished the 3rd bedroom, which is now the kids play room..  Charlotte decide since she had a "Big Girl Bed" she would go Poopie on the Potty!!! Whoot Whoot!  We have full fledged potty trained 2 yr olds! They love their beds, which by the way were my Dad, Uncle John, & Uncle Dave's beds when they were kids.  Heavy duty wood, which is great because all the kids do is jump on them! They love it, they love the fact that they are "BIG KIDS", so cute to see them explain to you how big they are, and how good they are.

I keep telling the kids how we are going on vacation to see Daddy's Grandma's, Aunt Wendy, Uncle Homer, Logan, and Mamaw Sandy. And that we can ride horses when we get there, they are so excited!!! Can't wait to go get some R & R, we need it bad. (well at least I do) 

And our family photo from yesterday 10/07/2010. We arrived early to our hair appointments yesterday, so we took to the sidewalks, the weather was gorgeous, and the kids were awesome.  And yes I know, I chopped Jared's head off a bit.

The Knox Crew