I saw this post on Facebook and knew that this should be shared, it's from a website called Motivated Mastery.

  • Your life will change when you change your mind
  • Being stuck is a result of your fears overpowering your desires
  • Take the time to clean the lens through which you view the world it will reveal what you missed
  • Seek patterns and the meaning behind them
  • Do you chase happiness or do you create it?
  • Bravery is in high demand
  • Curiosity is your greatest ally
  • Don't be afraid to ask
  • Sleep is not the cousin of death excuses are
  • A lot is learned by watching others
  • Choose wisely who you are surrounded by
  • Reinventing yourself helps you embrace your best, truest self
  • Learn to enjoy discomfort
  • Create the habit of > failing forward > pick up the pieces, learn & try again
  • Access to knowledge & education is more available harness this opportunity & help yourself
  • In good times or bad extract a lesson - failures forge heroes not successes
  • Make a difference no matter the size helping others helps yourself
  • Every problem has a solution
  • Anything worthwhile to your heart will elicit fear & self doubt this is your cue to proceed (I LOVE THIS - proud to say I have felt & conquered this)
  • No one can make you feel anything it is what you tell yourself that creates how you feel
  • Yes there are many broken systems in place, stop complaining, use this obstruction not as an excuse to delay but to step forward & learn what others could not
  • Everything that starts with you ends with you
I think I am going to print a few of these and frame them for my kids bedroom - great words to live by.