Easter (early) 2012

This Easter didn't really feel like Easter to me. I was in the middle of an Outage working 7/10's, my babies were in Louisiana & my Parents were in Vegas..   So we had an Easter Egg Hunt early for the Twins.
 And they're off!!
 if you look closely you can see them polka-dotting the grass
Grayson's so happy he is just racking in the eggs!
 Go Charlotte Go!! 
 And then............ He Trips......... Eggs. Go. Everywhere!!
But because Nanni's hard-boiled eggs weren't cooked all the way, they slime everything..  He was such a sad Punkin, extremely upset, but we finally get him to calm down right?????
 And then.........
 He runs to get this yellow egg and takes a header into this tree.. Oy Vey!! The poor thing.


Rose said...

Yay!! Welcome back!