10.23.2011 Barner's Pumpkin Patch & Kids Corner

I always smile & think of their Grandma Finch when I see the light shining over them like this. Well she's beaming right now, watching you both grow up and enjoying every minute of it.
 Photo op take 2
 Photo op take 3
 Got mine Mommy
 Playing tag around the patch
 Kids Corner after our Pumpkin Patch visit

 She's beaming again
Really who taught him this? 

A lazy Sunday @ Big Dan's Farm, Hartford, MI

 The sun was so bright I told them all, close your eyes & on the count of 3, open & smile! They did great! Grayson, Griffin, Jackson w/Sydney, Charlie, & Elena
 Look at that view, straight down hill for miles... Beautiful up there.
 Taking in the view, we were as high as we could go
 I wonder how many apples we all ate that day?
 Tractor ride back
 Our driver & the view