Week 28 and growing!

Colts VS. Patriots
Biggest game of the year!
My guys didn't do so swell.
Side view of our babies.
Grayson is 2lbs 14 oz
Charlotte is 2 lbs. 11 oz

My belly is definitely getting bigger..
We measured at 38 weeks on Monday.

Went to the doctor on Monday, all is well in my buddha. The babies both gained weight but Mom lost 2 lbs. (Due to being sick for the last two weeks). I passed my Gestational Diabetes test but my sugar was too high-Practitioner told me to cut back on my sweets, and Jared backed me up, explaining I am not a big sweets eater-But we did figure out I am consuming entirely too much juice. My iron levels are through the roof, which is awesome for me, I haven' been able to give blood in years b/c my iron levels were so low. Our Ultrasound lady Lori let us know we still have tons of room in the baby's sacs to grow, which is awesome. I was starting to wonder where I was going to get more room from.... OUCH! Doc says if we make it to 36 weeks-he will be happy!! Which in our calculations is 12/30/07-1/3/08. Will keep you all posted..


Ted, Danielle, Cole and Fur Children said...

Look at you HOTT momma;)

The Denny Family said...

You're so cute! :O)

Jenn Fischer said...

Hi Beth!! You look great :) I am so excited for you, I can't wait to see pics of the baby's when they get here!
Jennifer (from work)