Week 32 and counting..............

I am now measuring 46 inches around-2 more and
I will be 4 feet folks-it doesn't seem possible,
but the tape measure doesn't lie.....
The dark shirt makes it look even bigger.

Me in Jared's coat-trying to go out
and run errands and not freeze-
My dogs are like "where are we going

I forgot I had this great ultrasound photo, this
is from October 11th, but if you look closely,
Grayson's foot is in Charlotte's face! Too cute.
Can you see the line of the placenta that cuts
between them? Ultrasound pics are harder to
come by, Charlotte is face down towards my
back, so we may not see her cute little face again
until she is born. And Grayson likes to hide his profile
as well. We go to the doctor on Monday and get
another Ultrasound, will post any new news,
along with the finished Nursery pics.


hrock34 said...

Whoa momma...you look GREAT! I can't believe it's almost time...soon you will be spreading butt paste all over those little cuties.
Love all 4 of ya,