The Garage.............

One day back in September, some of Jareds City buddies came out to play in the dirt at our house. Henry did our excavation for the garage.. And with the greatest of ease! He should get paid to do this for a living! We decided we were going to do the garage with just family and friends helping us, a lot cheaper, but this takes a lot longer!

Jared & Keith salivating over the power of a machine!
I think they wanted a turn to play in the dirt.
And then they brought the concrete trucks! Henry, Keith, Keith, Eric, & Jared!I sat with the Twins and watched them pour this, very cool to watch. Amazing how smooth it is when they are done with it!

Between my work schedule, the holidays, the snow, Jared just couldn't get the Trusses up, so reinforcements had to be called in.

This was the garage when I got home on the 13th. I can actually park in an enclosed garage now. First time in 8-9 years? So excited!